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Monitor Archive for December 13, 2007

Fed acts, but a dip still looms
'I love you' crosses Iraqi sectarian divide
Qaddafi visit roils France
Fred Thompson: a maverick conservative who loves the law
In Europe, Gates to push for NATO help in Afghanistan
Is waterboarding torture? Key question in furor over CIA tapes
Do recent storms indicate a climate shift?
Beirut bombing kills Lebanese general, deepens political crisis
Reporters on the Job
For Burmese people, a friend in high places
From behind the wheel, a frank view of Cairo
Beyond the presidential résumé
Letters to the Editor
Here's the surge Iraq needs
Open a new highway – on the sea
'Tis the season to be ... wary of e-cards
In India, new job opportunities aim to stop bear dancing
Colleges become democracy 'boot camps'
From college classroom to Obama's campaign
A worrisome forecast for the world's crops
If government doesn't govern
Our rescued Christmas tree
First recorded U.S. meteorite blazes back for bicentennial
British forces to hand over security control for Basra to Iraqi government
The high cost of a free life