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Monitor Archive for January 20, 2004

Should government be trying to promote good marriages?
Bush set to lay out his next agenda
Iraqi cleric's pivotal clout
Bush's place in the pantheon
Case could boost funding for private schools
Combat fatigue? In some ways Iraq duty helps Army
This year's Super Bowl: No 'I's on teams
Shiite women knock at mosque door
Reporters on the Job
On a Pacific isle, Australia keeps asylum seekers on ice
On Shakespeare's turf, 'darling buds of May' bloom early
Japan's Iraq deployment gets little airtime at home
Better, Post-Iowa Campaigning
Historic Markers in Asia
Counting on safer skies on one finger(print)
Hussein's trial: Make it an unabashed media event
Chinese schools get creative
One city, one curriculum
A US couple learn the Koran in Iran's holy city
Affirmative action battle brews anew in Michigan
Homeland security technology: a hot new academic specialty?
A union of laborers can't unify the heart
The most famous abductor on the underground railroad
Children's book awards
Must it be a mad, mad world?
Snow business
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