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Libyan protesters return to street after Saturday's 'massacre'

Government forces loyal to Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi reportedly opened fire on a funeral procession Saturday, killing more than 20.

By Correspondent / February 20, 2011

Libya's leader Muammar al Gaddafi gesturing to supporters during a rally in Nalut, Saturday. The death toll from four days of violence against Libyan protesters continued to rise, Saturday, after government forces opened fire on a funeral procession, killing more than 20.

Libyan TV/Reuters


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Protesters are returning to the streets in Libya's second-largest city of Benghazi Sunday, despite violence the day before that left more than 20 people dead at the hands of government troops in what witnesses called a "massacre."

The violence is just the latest in the recent unrest in Libya, where more than 100 people have died protesting against the regime of Col. Muammar Qaddafi.

Hundreds of protesters have gathered at a square outside a court building in Benghazi, reports the Associated Press, just a day after government forces opened fire with heavy weaponry on a funeral march.

The BBC reports that Saturday's violence was triggered when a funeral procession passed a major security compound in Benghazi, the epicenter of anti-government protests. Witnesses say government forces opened fire on the mourners with heavy machine guns, mortars, and even a missile. Human Rights Watch put the overall death toll in the Libyan protests at more than 100, though the organization called its figure conservative.

The Daily Telegraph posted video footage from the violence in Benghazi, showing protesters apparently fleeing and carrying wounded civilians.

It was a "massacre," multiple sources told Al Jazeera.


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