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This journalism empowers people to understand the bigger picture of cybersecurity as it connects to some of the most personal parts of their lives: their job, their education, the evolving digital culture around them, and the technology they use on a day-to-day basis. As part of the Monitor’s overarching commitment to chronicling human progress, we see these very human issues within cybersecurity to be critical and overlooked parts of the conversation.

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  • Security Can cybersecurity boot camps fill the workforce gap?

    A startup in Denver and an initiative in Chicago are using cybersecurity boot camps to quickly prepare workers to fend off digital attacks. 

  • Security How should 1 billion users respond to epic Yahoo hack?

    The scope of the breach is a harsh reminder how everyone on the web needs to be vigilant about protecting their data in an era of widespread criminal and government hacking.

  • Privacy When mom becomes Big Brother

    What are the tools and tricks of internet tracking in the home, and why building a domestic surveillance state is worth it for one family.

  • Security The legal exemption making life easier for ethical hackers

    An exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows hackers to conduct good will research into medical devices, automobiles, and other internet-connected devices without threat of lawsuits from manufacturers. 

  • Security Video: A bitcoin allowance teaches spending and security

    Kryptina is one of the world's youngest users of the digital currency bitcoin. Her dad gives her a bitcoin allowance as a lesson in online security and money management.

  • Security How Social Security numbers became skeleton keys for fraudsters

    The Social Security number is overused and abused by hospitals, banks, and even retailers, putting millions of Americans at risk of identity theft. But experts say it doesn't have to be this way.

  • Security Opinion: The election's hard cybersecurity lesson

    While politicians, pollsters, and the public will look for lessons in this historic presidential election, one of the biggest takeaways is everyone needs to do a better job when it comes to protecting their data.

  • Innovation Video: More kids are becoming 'white hat' hackers

    One striking theme from Passcode's profile of 15 hackers under 15 years old: The kids all had a strong sense of ethics – and a desire to create a safer digital future for their peers – rather than create chaos online for pranks. 

  • Cover Story The kids who might save the internet

    A new generation of cybersecurity prodigies breaks into networks – just to make them safer. Meet the young hackers trying to keep the web from tilting to the dark side. 

  • Security DHS cyber chief to young hackers: Help us protect the grid (+video)

    At a hacking competition Passcode hosted in Washington, Phyllis Schneck said threats against critical infrastructure "keeps us up at night" – and encouraged young security researchers to partner with the government to help curtail the threat. 

In Pictures Hacker style at DEF CON

DEF CON staffers, presenters, and contest winners also walk around with skull-shaped electronic badges that set them apart from other attendees. “Here, the more badges you have, the better you do socially,” Puddin said. “You don’t have to prove yourself by wearing a black T-shirt because you have the badges."

  • Security Digital attack on journalist raises specter of online censorship

    After an unprecedented online assault took down cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs's influential cybersecurity blog, he was able to return to the web because of a new service that protects journalists and activists from online censorship. 

  • Hackers The best way to learn about computers: break them

    Travis Goodspeed, an independent cybersecurity researcher, says tinkering leads to better cybersecurity.

  • Privacy When Alexa is listening, what do you tell houseguests?

    If you've plugged in an eavesdropping personal assistants such as the Amazon Echo Dot, are you obligated to warn visitors, 'Be careful what you say, Alexa is listening'?

  • Policy Obama plan to boost cybersecurity workforce fails to impress professionals

    Cybersecurity experts say a White House plan to bolster numbers of professionals working to safeguard federal networks doesn't go far enough. 

  • Security With the drama but not the bruises, hacking becomes a spectator sport

    DARPA staged the world's first live computer-versus-computer hacking competition in which teams battled for a multimillion dollar purse in front of thousands of cheering fans in Las Vegas.

  • Innovation Opinion: The value of talking to girls about technology

    To boost the number of women in technology, first we need to treat girls interested in tech as normal, and stop forcing them to make a false choice between girliness and geekdom.

  • Innovation High-stakes DARPA hacking contest pits computer against computer

    The Pentagon's research wing this week will stage an unprecedented digital battle in Las Vegas in which machines will attempt to autonomously find and fix computer security flaws. 

  • Security Meet David Dworken, the teenager who hacked the Pentagon

    The 18-year-old who just graduated high school was one of the youngest hackers participating in the Pentagon's bug bounty program to root out security flaws in military websites.

  • Security How to keep criminal hackers from ruining your vacation

    Following basic security measures, like leaving extra devices at home and avoiding public Wi-Fi, could be enough to protect your information while you're traveling.

  • Privacy Fake fingerprints: The latest tactic for protecting privacy

    The Identity pad – a project to create artificial and reusable fingerprints – addresses the security and privacy risks associated with the growing use of biometric technology.

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