Modern field guide to security and privacy
  • Security Obama officials: There's hope for cybersecurity under Trump

    At the Beat the Breach event during the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week, current and former US government officials expressed optimism about the state of cybersecurity under President Trump.

  • Watch: Cybersecurity futures

    Join Passcode, Privacy Lab, and the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC) on Tuesday, February 21 at 5:30 p.m. PST for a discussion about the future of cybersecurity.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: How to build public trust in our data-powered universe

    The weaponization of data at the micro level is a serious challenge. Don't let the era of Big Data give way to a future of Bad Data.

  • What are the world’s information security professionals thinking about?

    Understanding the global information security workforce is a necessary first step to growing and building the field.

  • Security Video: What is a zero-day?

    Melanie Teplinsky, cybersecurity expert and adjunct professor at American University’s Washington College of Law, explains. 

  • Security The secret world of vulnerability hunters

    Spies, hackers, and cybersecurity firms compete to find and exploit software flaws, often to infiltrate criminal networks or track terrorists. A look into this complex ecosystem.

  • Surveillance Trump's immigration order vastly expands border surveillance

    The Department of Homeland Security is rushing to roll out a multibillion dollar surveillance system that will equip US airports with facial recognition software.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: The trouble with Trump's Russia reset

    Until Russia backs away from a strategy of digital attacks – coupled with physical strikes – and spreading disinformation to undercut democracy, the pursuit of better relations with Putin is a mistake. 

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: How to have a FUD-free RSA Conference

    The key to a productive RSA Conference, the massive cybersecurity gathering that kicks off next week in San Francisco, is avoiding firms that push fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

  • How app makers increasingly track your every move

    Privacy advocates say tech companies are becoming more brazen about collecting users' location data and personal information.

How well do you know hacker movies?

Can you hack a Gibson? Are you interested in SETEC Astronomy? Shall we play a game? 

  • History is repeating itself (in a good way)

    Much like CFOs before them, CISOs are now becoming boardroom mainstays.

  • Cybercrime Hunting for evidence, Secret Service unlocks phone data with force or finesse

    At a dedicated phone forensics facility in Tulsa, Okla., the Secret Service breaks into about 40 phones a year that could contain valuable information related to criminal investigations.

  • Passcode Influencers Influencers: US should hit Russia harder for political hacks

    The US should retaliate more strongly against Russia for its digital attacks on American political organizations, more than three-quarters of Passcode’s Influencers said.

  • Passcode Voices Does the health data industry prioritize profits or patients?

    In his new book about medical privacy, Adam Tanner argues patients are in the dark about a multibillion dollar industry that profits from their medical records.

  • Hackers Hackers for good: A bug bounty hunter's path to America

    So-called 'bug bounty' programs, which pay ethical hackers anywhere in the world for reporting security flaws, are the ticket for one Indian security researcher to study in the US.

  • Awakening from the dream: The security flaws of Westworld

    *This post or embedded links within the post may contain spoilers.

  • Privacy Privacy by design: How fashion combats surveillance

    Designers, artists, and students around the world are creating accessories and clothing meant to hide wearers' identities from mass surveillance.

  • Security Can Congress help boost US digital defenses?

    After US intelligence officials blamed Russia for interfering in November's vote, a new Senate subcommittee will help the Defense Department build up its digital arsenal for the next generation of cybersecurity threats.

  • Security Want to buy a 'smart' hair brush? Read this first

    Cybersecurity experts say many of the internet-connected products increasingly turning up on store shelves are insecure, giving malicious hackers new ways of attacking consumers – and the entire internet.

  • Hackers Opinion: Why Washington needs more hackers

    The federal government is finally beginning to embrace hackers, but it should do more put their talents to work fixing the nation's cybersecurity. Their help is sorely needed.

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