• Hackers The hacker’s guide to selling the LinkedIn way

    You may have heard that a hacker is trying to sell more than 100 million LinkedIn passwords and usernames for around $2,000. It's troubling news, but is that all they are really worth?

  • Surveillance How Islamic State militants attempt to outwit spies

    A group claiming Islamic State ties is distributing manuals on a secure messaging app to help the militant group use common encryption tools to thwart government surveillance.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: No one knows how to define cyberwar – and that's a problem

    Despite digital weapons becoming critical tools in every modern military, there's still no consensus when it comes to defining what amounts to an act of cyberwar. 

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: Americans should unite around Stopping Mass Hacking Act

    The Supreme Court has changed federal criminal procedure to vastly expand the FBI's ability to break into Americans' computers. Without congressional action, this would dangerously expand US search and seizure powers. 

  • Critical Infrastructure Flaws in networking devices highlight tech industry's quality control problem

    Researchers have uncovered security vulnerabilities in widely used remote power management equipment that many say is the byproduct of a technology supply chain plagued with quality control issues. 

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: The case for launching a digital invasion against ISIS

    The cybersecurity threat from Islamic State and the group's supporters requires a global, coordinated effort to decimate their entire digital and online apparatus.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: Justin Bieber deserves his privacy, too

    The pop star said he's 'done taking pictures with fans.' While we live in a camera-ready, Instagram-obsessed society, fans should respect Bieber's request for privacy because even celebrities haven't forfeited autonomy.

  • Resolving the encryption debate requires betting on innovation

    Embrace, don’t undermine, America’s technological advantages and global competitive edge.

  • Event: "The Three T's of the Digital Economy"

    Technology has profoundly and fundamentally changed the way we communicate, collaborate, trade and conduct business in a way never imagined before. 

  • Hackers Facebook's plan to train a new generation of cybersecurity pros

    The social media giant is making its 'Capture the Flag' security challenge publicly available to encourage high schools and colleges to use gaming as a way of training hackers.

How well do you know hacker movies?

Can you hack a Gibson? Are you interested in SETEC Astronomy? Shall we play a game? 

  • Hackers How much is a security flaw worth? An inside look into Yahoo’s bug bounty program

    As companies try to balance the need to be transparent with outside researchers while protecting their own sensitive business information, the often opaque bug valuation process can be controversial.

  • Critical Infrastructure Hard lessons for Energy Dept., power sector after Ukraine hack (+video)

    At a Passcode event Thursday, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall said the unprecedented cyberattack in Ukraine provides valuable lessons for the US power industry. 

  • Surveillance Yes, your encrypted WhatsApp messages are still secret

    But security researchers say that bad guys might be able to impersonate you on WhatsApp and Telegram by exploiting a flaw in the backbone of global cellphone networks.

  • Innovation Can IBM's Watson outsmart hackers? (+video)

    IBM says that organizations can bolster cybersecurity using the same skills that made its supercomputer a "Jeopardy!" champ.

  • Event: Guarding the grid

    How vulnerable is the North American power grid to cyberattacks?  Join Passcode and panel experts via live stream on May 12 to explore that question.

  • Surveillance Federal, state lawmakers move to curb police use of cellphone trackers

    Congressional lawmakers have introduced two bill that would regulate how police use technology to surveil cellphone use, following similar efforts in at least a dozen states. 

  • Critical Infrastructure Why GPS is more vulnerable than ever

    The space-based navigation and timing system faces a growing risk of attack. But there is a simple solution.

  • Passcode Influencers Influencers oppose expanding federal hacking authorities

    Nearly two-thirds of Passcode’s Influencers said US judges should not be able to issue search warrants for computers located outside their jurisdictions.

  • Security Google shakes up antivirus industry

    For more than a decade, Google's VirusTotal has given antivirus companies the ability to detect malware and share information about new viruses. But in a sweeping change meant end 'abuse' of the system, it is limiting access to the widely used database.

  • Turning information security pros into cybersecurity change agents

    The backbone of the information security industry can be unleashed to help solve cybersecurity’s toughest problems.

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