Modern field guide to security and privacy
  • Surveillance Opinion: Like it or not, government hackers gonna hack

    Congress just implicitly blessed FBI hacking on a massive scale without any consideration of the privacy rights of innocent people. And even worse, they did it through an obscure process that minimized public debate.

  • Security Obscure legal change expands government hacking powers

    A revision to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure allows law enforcement to hack suspects' computers regardless of jurisdiction. Civil liberties groups worry the change will harm individuals' privacy rights.

  • Security Should companies be held liable for software flaws?

    At an Atlantic Council event, cybersecurity experts said software liability laws could help safeguard the emerging Internet of Things.

  • Recent Maryland cybersecurity incubator graduates show strength, diversity of the region’s cyber ecosystem

    Light Point Security and iWebGate graduate from the Baltimore-based Cync program

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: The FCC needs to end warrantless cellphone spying

    Police departments' growing use of devices known as "Stingrays" that intercept – and disrupt – people's communications represents a clear danger to Americans' privacy.

  • Security Video: A bitcoin allowance teaches spending and security

    Kryptina is one of the world's youngest users of the digital currency bitcoin. Her dad gives her a bitcoin allowance as a lesson in online security and money management.

  • Passcode Voices What parents don't get about cyberbullying

    In his new book about kids and digital safety, Nathan Fisk argues that efforts to thwart cyberbullying shouldn't stop young people from participating in online communities where they can figure out the right ways – and wrong ways – to communicate.  

  • Innovation Podcast: What it takes to succeed in the cybersecurity business

    This episode of the Cybersecurity Podcast features Sunil James, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who invests in information security companies for Bessemer Venture Partners. 

  • Passcode Influencers Influencers: Trump won’t improve cybersecurity

    Three-quarters of Passcode's pool of digital security and privacy experts say they do not believe cybersecurity will improve with the Republican in the Oval Office.

  • Security How Social Security numbers became skeleton keys for fraudsters

    The Social Security number is overused and abused by hospitals, banks, and even retailers, putting millions of Americans at risk of identity theft. But experts say it doesn't have to be this way.

How well do you know hacker movies?

Can you hack a Gibson? Are you interested in SETEC Astronomy? Shall we play a game? 

  • Security Vulnerable connected devices a matter of 'homeland security'

    Top government officials such as Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson are urging device makers to secure everyday objects that connect to the internet.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: Donald Trump's troubling internet

    We have never elected a president that has so openly declared his intentions to engage in control and surveillance of the internet.

  • Surveillance Worried about surveillance under Trump? Here's what to do

    Tech advocates concerned that the Trump administration may deploy surveillance measures against critics are encouraging activists and others to take steps to protect their privacy.

  • Security Opinion: The election's hard cybersecurity lesson

    While politicians, pollsters, and the public will look for lessons in this historic presidential election, one of the biggest takeaways is everyone needs to do a better job when it comes to protecting their data.

  • Innovation If hackers cause a blackout, what happens next?

    An effort is underway to map potential fallout from damaging cyberattacks on US critical infrastructure to aid first responders in the case of a major assault.

  • Why the DC area has an ecosystem edge in cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity talent fresh from the government is breathing life into startups around the Beltway

  • Security The election is over but spammers aren't conceding

    During the presidential campaign, experts spotted an explosion in malicious email spam attempting to trick recipients into downloading harmful files or revealing personal data. And the spammers aren't going away.

  • Policy What Trump's victory means for cybersecurity

    During the campaign, Donald Trump split with intelligence officials over Russia's involvement in hacking US political organizations and offered few details about cybersecurity policies.

  • How to build ideal candidates for all those cybersecurity job openings

    Tomorrow’s cybersecurity pros don’t grow on trees but we still have to plant the seeds for the next generation

  • Surveillance Canadian police spied on reporters, raising questions of press freedom

    Revelations that police in Quebec spied on at least 10 journalists has set off a nationwide debate over police surveillance and press freedom in the Digital Age.

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