• Passcode Voices Opinion: Privacy isn't dead. Here's why

    The 'Snowden' biopic is reviving the global privacy debate. But for anyone who thinks it's dead, the notion that individuals want control over their personal information is hardly passé.

  • Data Breach Yahoo hack throws internet insecurity into sharp relief

    The massive scale of the credential thefts at Yahoo, LinkedIn, and the other internet firms has focused attention on the seeming inability of American companies to secure their networks against foreign and domestic adversaries.

  • Hackers The best way to learn about computers: break them

    Travis Goodspeed, an independent cybersecurity researcher, says tinkering leads to better cybersecurity.

  • Critical Infrastructure Homeland Security increases focus on cybersecurity at the polls

    Robert Silvers, assistant secretary for cybersecurity at Homeland Security, said the agency is helping states fortify voting systems against digital tampering before November's presidential election.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: For the sake of privacy, pardon Snowden

    While Edward Snowden's leaks damaged US national security, the disclosures also led to crucial surveillance reforms. A pardon would signal to the world the US has learned from its mistakes and respects internet freedom, privacy, and human rights.

  • Critical Infrastructure Influencers: Calling it 'critical infrastructure' won't protect the vote

    While US officials and politicians have suggested designating election systems as critical infrastructure in the aftermath of the Democratic National Committee hack, 62 percent of Passcode's Influencers said that's not enough to safeguard voting from hackers.

  • What cybersecurity leaders say we can do now to advance the cybersecurity workforce

    The cybersecurity talent shortage is no secret. Here are ways experts are working to fix it.

  • Surveillance With terror in spotlight, government requests for Twitter data surge

    Washington and other governments are working harder to blunt the spread of Islamic State propaganda and recruitment efforts on the web following terror attacks in the US and Europe.

  • Security From Estonia, lessons for the Age of Cyberwar

    Attackers crippled Estonia's digital networks in 2007. Since then, it has shored up cyberdefenses while expanding connectivity to every corner of daily life.

  • Policy Will tracking digital harassment help defend against internet trolls?

    Rep. Katherine Clark (D) of Massachusetts wants to find out how many Americans are victimized online to better understand how to defend them.

How well do you know hacker movies?

Can you hack a Gibson? Are you interested in SETEC Astronomy? Shall we play a game? 

  • What companies and the government can learn from the Ukraine grid cyberattack

    The attack on Ukraine’s power grid teaches valuable lessons that experts think companies and the next US administration should take to heart.

  • Hackers Hollywood and Washington battle to define Snowden's image

    With Hollywood and rights groups stepping up efforts to portray the ex-National Security Agency contractor as a hero, Snowden's detractors in Congress struck back by questioning his motives and ethics. 

  • Privacy When Alexa is listening, what do you tell houseguests?

    If you've plugged in an eavesdropping personal assistants such as the Amazon Echo Dot, are you obligated to warn visitors, 'Be careful what you say, Alexa is listening'?

  • Watch: The EU privacy debate comes to Silicon Valley

    Join us for a Privacy Lab talk on Wednesday, September 21 at 6:15 p.m. PDT for a discussion surrounding EU privacy.

  • Surveillance Snowden hopes to use movie spotlight to win presidential pardon (+video)

    Rights groups launched a petition campaign asking President Obama to pardon the ex-National Security Agency contractor, portraying him as a hero who ushered in surveillance reforms. But can they win over a skeptical White House? 

  • Security Can the vote really be hacked? Here's what you need to know

    The Democratic National Committee breach and FBI warnings of hackers tampering with election boards has some officials on edge. But simple fixes could further safeguard the vote.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: How the next president can get cybersecurity right

    Whichever candidate wins the election, they'll need to prioritize cybersecurity to defend US government agencies and businesses against relentless hacks. Here's a 12-step plan to get started.  

  • Privacy With national privacy debate unsettled, US intelligence officials back encryption

    Lawmakers may still consider measures to force tech companies to decrypt communications, but at a Senate hearing Tuesday two top intelligence officials supported strong digital privacy protections. 

  • Hackers The NSA whistleblowers who vetted Oliver Stone's 'Snowden' biopic

    Former National Security Agency executives Bill Binney and Thomas Drake, who blew the whistle on US government surveillance programs more than a decade ago, served as advisers on the Edward Snowden film that opens nationwide Friday.

  • Privacy Homeland Security eyes expanding biometric collections at US borders

    The initiative aims to collect a combination of fingerprints, facial images, and iris scans of foreign visitors, leading privacy advocates to worry that travelers would be put at greater risk of digital fraud and unwarranted surveillance.

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