• Security How to keep criminal hackers from ruining your vacation

    Following basic security measures, like leaving extra devices at home and avoiding public Wi-Fi, could be enough to protect your information while you're traveling.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: Chinese cyberespionage is down. That's a win for Obama's diplomacy

    Almost a year after a historic deal between Beijing and Washington to curtail cyberespionage, reports indicate digital attacks from China are fewer but more sophisticated.

  • Privacy Fake fingerprints: The latest tactic for protecting privacy

    The Identity pad – a project to create artificial and reusable fingerprints – addresses the security and privacy risks associated with the growing use of biometric technology.

  • Security Battle erupts over security of chip-enabled credit card readers

    The Home Depot and Walmart are suing MasterCard and Visa in separate lawsuits over what the retailers claim is lax security on chip-enabled card readers that puts consumers at risk of fraud.

  • Security Microsoft proposes international code of conduct for cyberspace

    The tech giant has suggested a set of rules that include proactive security disclosures and establishing global regimes to stop the spread of digital weapons.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: How to craft a meaningful cyberarms pact

    US diplomats are trying to revise how a global arms pact known as the Wassenaar Agreement applies to digital weapons. Despite misgivings from the tech sector, there’s an opportunity for Washington to help forge a deal that keeps hacking tools out of the wrong hands. 

  • Privacy As FBI surveillance takes center stage, Senator Wyden warns against eroding civil liberties

    After the Senate beat back a proposal to expand FBI surveillance powers in the wake of the Orlando shooting, the Oregon Democrat told Passcode 'the public is picking up that you don’t fight terror by eroding our freedoms for policies that don’t leave them safer.'

  • Policy Google, privacy groups urge Congress not to expand federal hacking power

    A change to federal criminal procedure would allow judges to approve searches on computers outside their jurisdiction, a move that could have vast 'unintended consequences' for innocent people, civil liberties groups say.

  • Hackers Are China's hackers shying away from US targets?

    A report indicates that Chinese cyberattacks on US companies are declining. But other experts say hackers are simply changing tack.

  • Critical Infrastructure Podcast: Why a Ukraine-style hack on US power grid isn't likely

    Rob Lee, cofounder of cybersecurity company Dragos Security, who personally investigated the Ukraine hack, downplays the imminent risk of a major, isolated attack on the US power grid. 

How well do you know hacker movies?

Can you hack a Gibson? Are you interested in SETEC Astronomy? Shall we play a game? 

  • Innovation Opinion: How we can finally kill the password

    Innovative biometric technology that relies on human traits as security measures is the answer to beating back threats from malicious hackers. 

  • Surveillance The FBI needs better hackers to solve encryption standoff, research says

    Tech companies and privacy advocates are strongly opposed to proposals by the FBI and others to mandate government access to encrypted communications. But one expert says there may be another way to solve the feud.

  • Cybercrime Kosovar hacker pleads guilty in US court to aiding Islamic State

    For the first time, a foreign national pleaded guilty to committing computer crimes in support of the terrorists' aims at a time when the US government is increasing efforts to confront the group online.

  • Security Meet Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, Russian groups blamed for DNC hack

    Experts say both hacker crews have been spying on Western military and political targets for years, but only recently tied them to Russian intelligence agencies.

  • Privacy Apple emphasizes users' privacy amid its parade of updates

    At its annual developer conference in San Francisco this week, privacy-enhancing technologies underpin many of the software updates that Apple announced to its operating systems.

  • Security As ransomware rises, cybersecurity researchers fight back

    Security researchers are developing new tools for consumers to protect themselves against the scourge of malware designed to encrypt files until victims pay fees.

  • Security Opinion: Your data needs more protection from shady debt collectors

    HBO's John Oliver shined a light on tricky debt collection practices. How agencies often mishandle debtors' sensitive personal information – and the lax standards for how this information should be treated – is equally troubling.

  • Privacy Artist's campaign targets biometric surveillance

    Artist and researcher Adam Harvey has set out to raise awareness about the increasing pervasiveness of biometric tracking on the web and in everyday life.

  • How technology, talent and teamwork drive cybersecurity that works

    A gathering of top security minds points to collaboration as a key to driving change in federal cybersecurity.

  • Security How to keep thieves from hijacking your cellphone account

    No one is completely safe from identity thieves. I should know since I was a victim. But here's how to better protect yourself against scammers, and how to lessen the damage of identity fraud.

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