Modern field guide to security and privacy
  • Silicon Valley begins putting cyberbullies in the crosshairs

    With the rate of digital bullying increasing, tech firms escalate efforts to build automated tools that can detect and flag online harassment. 

  • Innovation A more connected military means new battlefield glitches, too

    With its $52 million initiative to vastly expand connectivity and technology on the front lines, the US Army knows it may also give enemies new digital targets to hack or manipulate. Is it up for the challenge? 

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: How to counter the Kremlin's hacking playbook

    In an age of hacking and fake news, governments and private companies must join forces to stop Russian disinformation.

  • The economics of trust in digital services

    When it comes to personal data, trustworthiness can affect a business's bottom line

  • Security Podcast: Life as a teenage hacker

    Paul Vann, the 14-year-old chief executive officer of VannTechCyber, and his father, Raytheon's Paul Vann, join this episode of The Cybersecurity Podcast. 

  • Privacy The hackers trying to build a hack-proof operating system

    A team of Canadian security researchers is set to unveil a computer operating system called Subgraph designed to protect its users from the most common types of digital attacks.

  • Passcode Influencers What keeps cybersecurity experts up at night?

    For Passcode’s last Influencers Poll, we asked an open-ended question: What’s the most urgent cybersecurity or privacy challenge right now, and what’s one way to fix it? 

  • What Benjamin Franklin can teach us about cybersecurity

    Advances in communication like Franklin’s postal service and today’s Internet can help topple regimes — and also erode privacy. Tools like WhoIsGuard offer the anonymity of a Post Office Box.

  • Passcode Voices Want to fix cybersecurity? Think about worst-case scenarios first

    Scenario thinking sketches out future cybersecurity problems and helps policymakers begin addressing tomorrow's digital dilemmas.

  • Passcode Voices Industrial control systems: The holy grail of cyberwar

    Regulators and utility industry leaders need to wake up to the risks that could let malicious hackers cause widespread physical damage to the grid and other critical infrastructure.

How well do you know hacker movies?

Can you hack a Gibson? Are you interested in SETEC Astronomy? Shall we play a game? 

  • Passcode Voices How to reform the outdated federal anti-hacking law

    The more than 30-year-old Computer Fraud and Abuse Act carries overly harsh penalties for trivial digital transgressions – and it needs to be completely overhauled (or abolished altogether). 

  • Policy Estonia's lessons for fighting Russian disinformation

    The Baltic nation has long had an adversarial relationship with its Russian neighbor. As a result, its press and public have become adept at recognizing and debunking Kremlin propaganda.

  • Hackers 15 under 15: Rising stars in cybersecurity

    The Christian Science Monitor's Passcode traveled across the country to meet these hacker kids who are hunting software bugs, protecting school networks, and helping to safeguard electrical grids.

  • Passcode Voices How technology tramples on freedom

    Rapid advances in biometric technology mean the public is surveilled – and their movements recorded – more than ever before. If this technology spreads without limits, it could soon impinge on basic rights.

  • Passcode Voices A hacker's guide to fixing automotive cybersecurity

    The security researcher known for hacking a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, leading to a 1.4 million-vehicle recall, outlines how automakers can keep connected cars safe from cyberattacks.

  • Policy How Washington evaluates software vulnerabilities

    The US government keeps some security flaws for itself. We take a look inside the secretive process to decide which ones to keep - and which ones to reveal to tech companies.

  • Passcode signs off

    The Monitor’s cybersecurity and privacy project ends March 31.

  • The Cybersecurity Podcast

    Passcode and New America have a podcast featuring the leaders and thinkers of cybersecurity.

  • Security How to improve your digital security

    Want to control your own digital security? There’s a wide array of options for secure messaging apps, email services and browsers that help you do-it-yourself.

  • How to teach people to be more digitally secure right when they need it most

    By giving employees cybersecurity training right when they’ve done a risky behavior, Wombat Security can help make real changes in user behavior.

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