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Zoinks! A Republican supports Obama's stimulus package

By Jimmy Orr / February 2, 2009

Jake Turcotte / AP photos


If it surprises you that a Republican has spoken out in favor of Obama's stimulus package, this next point will surprise you even more: There's a Republican in Vermont!

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The home to the only self-described socialist in Congress (that would be Senator Bernie Sanders), Vermont is not exactly a hotbed of conservatism. But apparently there is at least one Republican there. He also happens to be the governor.

On display

Governor Jim Douglas doesn't oppose President Obama's mega-gigantic spending package at all. In fact, he likes it. He likes it so much that President Obama showcased him this morning in the Oval Office.

"This is a serious matter," Douglas said sitting next to Obama. "It is a kind of recession that is deep and appears to be long. The only way we're going to get the country moving again is a partnership between the states and the federal government."

"No one understands this better than governors and mayors and county officials who are seeing the devastating effects on the ground of the contraction in the economy," President Obama said. "People are being laid off and that means governors like Jim are having to not only deal with declining revenue but increase social services to provide support for people who are unemployed as they are seeking work."

Other GOP support

Douglas isn't the only Republican governor who apparently supports the package. The CATO Institute actually breaks it down, putting those who support the package in the "give me my pork" category. In that camp reside GOP governors Tim Pawlenty, (Minn.), Charlie Crist (Fla.), Sarah Palin (Alaska).

Sarah Palin??

Well, it depends on the definition of what support is.

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