The Rod Blagojevich media tour continues! Up next: Letterman

Jake Turcotte / AP photo

Good news. The Rod Blagojevich media tour continues.

The former Illinois governor is going to continue the PR strategy that has taken him this far. Sure, he was ousted from office by a razor-thin 59-0 Illinois senate vote on Thursday. And the week prior his lawyer dumped him because he wouldn't quit talking. And most lawyers believe his media blitz last week was a disaster.

But, as they say, "you don't change horses midstream."

More Blago

Blago is going to prove that he just needs more airtime.

So where do you go? David Letterman.

The former governor (whose Illinois road signs were all taken down over the weekend) will appear on the Letterman show Tuesday night.

Top ten

Although he hasn't appeared on the late night comic's program before, Letterman did honor Blago at least twice with top ten lists. Back in December the list was titled, "Messages Left on Rod Blagojevich's Answering Machine."

Until tomorrow night's list is out, we'll just recall a few of those:

"For 10 grand can you make me pope?"

"Hi, It's Larry Craig -- did I hear something about a senator's seat being available?"

"I'm calling about your Senate seat on Craigslist. Want to trade for a futon?"

"I'm guessing you didn't spend the bribe money on that haircut."

No word on whether Blagojevich somehow expects Letterman to lighten up -- as if that's ever happened before.

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