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Five highlights from the GOP debate in New Hampshire

Republican presidential candidates took aim at Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan - and the Federal Reserve - in Tuesday's GOP debate in New Hampshire.

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The power of Cain’s plan is its simplicity, as the Washington Post writes this morning. But if the devil is in the details, to paraphrase Michelle Bachmann’s strange criticism, the next few weeks will be about the details. ( already looked into the details, by the way.)

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5. Who won and who lost? In Decoder’s view, Romney, Cain and to a lesser extent Santorum all comported themselves well and gained from the debate while Perry, who many thought needed to distinguish himself, looked divinely uncomfortable. Shortformblog noted the primary process has gotten to the point “where the winners and losers are the ones who aren’t necessarily flashy, but well-polished and well-studied. Romney made it look easy; he’s well-polished and well-studied.”

Find all of DC Decoder’s liveblog coverage here and Shortformblog’s here.

The best from around the web:

Romney builds case for inevitability, POLITICO. This story has the quote Decoder noted earlier, reproduced below for your entertainment.

“I just try to get up every day and do my job, and debates are not my strong suit,” the Texas governor told reporters following a post-debate party at a Dartmouth fraternity house.”

Mitt Romney prospers in Republican debate, by Dan Balz, a highly-respected political writer for the Washington Post.

Republicans stretch truth in debate salvos, by Bloomberg.

Rick Perry loses Dartmouth debate, wins Beta house by The Weekly Standard. Apparently, Perry’s best performance of the night was well off camera.

You can find the liveblog of the debate from Andrew Sullivan, of Newsweek/Daily Beast (and formerly of the Atlantic), here.

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