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  • Deer Doritos bag: Police save fawn from snacks

    Deer Doritos bag is no more. Police in Florida discovered a deer with its entire head stuck in a bag of Doritos, late Saturday evening, but the deer Doritos bag was removed without a struggle.

  • San Onofre nuclear plant to shut down permanently

    San Onofre nuclear plant is shutting down for good after an epic 16-month battle over whether the twin reactors could be safely restarted with millions of people living nearby, officials announced Friday. The problems at San Onofre center on steam generators that were installed during a $670 million overhaul in 2009 and 2010. 

  • NY college explosion blamed on natural gas leak

    An explosion at a college building in New York Tuesday is being blamed on leaking natural gas. The presumed natural gas explosion blew out windows, sent a door sailing through the air and injured seven people, but authorities said none of the injuries were life-threatening.

  • 3 feet of snow for Memorial Day? Yes, in NY.

    3 feet of snow fall over Memorial Day weekend on Whiteface Mountain in New York. Authorities forced to close mountain highway after 3 feet of snow.

  • Global protests target Monsanto, genetically modified food

    Organizers say 'March against Monsanto' protests held in 52 nations and 436 cities. Anti-Monsanto rallies sparked by a Facebook page in February.

  • Why wind farms kill eagles with federal impunity

    Oil companies are prosecuted when a bird drowns in a waste pit. But the Obama administration has never fined or prosecuted a wind-energy company for similar protected bird deaths. An estimated 573,000 birds are killed by US wind farms each year.

  • Ted Turner bison: Keep the calves, judge rules (+video)

    Ted Turner bison agreement allowed state to transfer Yellowstone bison to billionaire's care for five years in exchange for their most of their calves. Judge upholds agreement, letting Ted Turner keep 150 bison calves.

  • Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels reach milestone

    A monitoring station in Hawaii has measured carbon dioxide levels of 400 parts per million, a concentration not seen on Earth since the Pleistocene Era.

  • GOP senators boycott vote on McCarthy for EPA

    Frustrated by what they call a lack of transparency from the EPA, all eight Republican senators on the Environment and Public Works committee boycotted a scheduled vote on Obama nominee Gina McCarthy to head the EPA.

  • Hurricane Sandy released billions of gallons of sewage

    Hurricane Sandy released 11 billion gallons of sewage from East Coast treatment plants into bodies of water from Washington, D.C., to Connecticut. The sewage released by Hurricane Sandy spilled into surrounding waters and even some city streets.

  • Pressure mounting on US to export natural gas

    As US gas supplies grow, companies are eager to export natural gas. Should US let the market operate or continue preserving natural gas for domestic use only?

  • Green flights? NASA explores biofuel use in planes.

    Commercial jets could fly safely with a blend of jet fuel that includes a plant oil, NASA researchers said Thursday. NASA is one of several government agencies examining the use of renewable biofuels to reduce dependency on foreign oil while reducing carbon emissions.

  • Exxon Mobil earnings up despite drop in oil, gas production

    Exxon Mobil announced a rise in earnings in the first quarter despite a decline in production of oil and gas. Profits from chemicals production and lower taxes helped Exxon Mobil offset the drop in oil and gas production.

  • Giant snail invasion hits South Florida. Gooey mess.

    Giant snail invasion puts more than 500 plant species and even stucco and plaster at risk. More than 1,000 giant African land snails caught each week in Miami and invasion expected to spread in upcoming rainy season. 

  • China temperature spikes linked to burning of fossil fuels

    A new study from Chinese and Canadian researchers links the burning of fossil fuels to China's rise in its daily temperature spikes. China emits more greenhouse gas than the next two biggest carbon polluters – the US and India – combined.

  • John Denver property sale threatens conservation efforts

    John Denver property in Colorado is for sale, a move seen by some environmentalists as the unofficial end to the John Denver's vision to protect some of the land west of Aspen from being overrun by developers.

  • Fasten seatbelts, air passengers. Climate change ahead.

    Transatlantic flights will be bumpier by 2050 because of rising CO2 emissions, a new study finds. Turbulent episodes could double and the average strength of turbulence would also rise 10 to 40 percent.  

  • BP trial witness says well 'drilled safely' in Gulf oil spill

    BP called its first witness Monday in the trial over the deadly Deepwater Horizon disaster. The witness, a retired petroleum engineering professor, said BP safely drilled its Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico before an April 2010 blowout triggered the worst US offshore oil spill.

  • GE's latest energy play: Lufkin

    General Electric to pay $33 billion for oilfield equipment maker Lufkin. General Electric hopes to cash in on energy boom with purchase of Lufkin and other energy-equipment manufacturers.  

  • Judge rejects BP bid to block Gulf spill payouts

    BP's request to block settlement payouts associated with the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill was rejected Friday by a federal judge. BP estimated a year ago that it would spend roughly $7.8 billion to resolve tens of thousands of claims by businesses and individuals covered by the settlement.