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  • Baby panda twins born at Zoo Atlanta

    Panda twins were born at Zoo Atlanta Monday, the first twin pandas born in the United States since 1987. Zookeepers were expecting only one cub and were surprised when the giant panda named Lun Lun gave birth to baby panda twins.

  • Fracking research: What's behind EPA's abandoned studies?

    Fracking studies have pit the Environmental Protection Agency against the oil and gas industry, which says the agency has over-reached on fracking and that its science has been critically flawed. The recent closing of EPA fracking investigations has some environmentalists worried that the agency is feeling the effects of industry pressure and tight budgets.

  • Katmai bears star in nature's 'Jersey Shore'

    Katmai bears are the star of an Internet 'reality show' based in the Katmai National Park and Preserve in remote Alaska. Eight web cams have been set up at various parts of the park to livestream the daily life and drama of the park's famed Katmai bears.

  • Typhoon Soulik: China, Taiwan brace for season's first typhoon

    Typhoon Soulik, the first of the year to hit the region, was headed towards China and Taiwan Friday. Officials cancelled dozens of international flights and evacuated more than 1,000 people from a coastal village vulnerable to typhoon Soulik.

  • Popocatepetl volcano covers Mexico City in volcanic ash

    Popocatepetl volcano spewed a 2-mile-high cloud of ash over Mexico City over several days of eruptions. Volcanic dust from the Popocatepetl volcano has coated cars in Mexico City and thicker accumulations coated crops, homes, and sidewalks in towns closer to the volcano.

  • Manitou Springs mudslide closes road in Coloroado

    Manitou Springs mudslide: A four-mile stretch of US 24 in Colorado was closed Wednesday afternoon after a thunderstorm sent rocks, mud, debris, and running water rushing down part of a canyon. No injuries have been immediately reported from the Manitou Springs mudslide.

  • Greenpeace Shard climbers: Activists protest Arctic drilling

    Greenpeace Shard climbers: Environmental activists in London attempted to climb Western Europe's tallest building Thursday, in protest of drilling for oil in the Arctic. The Greenpeace Shard climbers were about halfway up the skyscraper by midmorning. 

  • Tropical Storm Chantal threatens Dominican Republic, Haiti

    Tropical Storm Chantal barreled towards the Dominican Republic and Haiti Wednesday. Officials warned of possible landslides and heavy flooding from Tropical Storm Chantal.

  • Tropical Storm Chantal heading to Lesser Antilles

    Tropical Storm Chantal was centered about 55 miles northwest of St. Lucia around Tuesday morning, the US National Hurricane Center in Miami said.

  • Pudu deer is world's smallest (and cutest?) deer

    Pudu deer, the world's smallest species of deer, has been born in New York, according to wildlife officials. The newborn pudu deer is part of an endangered species native to Chile and Argentina. 

  • Tropical storm Chantal: Caribbean prepares as storm nears (+video)

    Tropical storm Chantal makes its way towards the small islands of the Lesser Antilles late Monday afternoon. Forecasters say tropical storm Chantal could be near hurricane strength on Wednesday before it reaches Hispaniola, the island shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

  • Tropical storm Chantal heads for Caribbean (+video)

    Tropical storm Chantal moves toward the Lesser Antilles, after forming in the Atlantic. Tropical storm Chantal had maximum sustained winds early Monday of near 45 m.p.h. with some strengthening expected over the next two days.

  • Quebec train fire: Search continues in oil train derailment

    Quebec train fire caused at least five fatalities and has left about 40 people missing. The Quebec train fire is like to add to a debate over a proposed oil running across the US that Canada says it badly needs.

  • Train derailment spills oil in Quebec. Will it affect Maine?

    Train derailment in eastern Quebec caused multiple explosions and spilled oil into the Chaudiere River. Since the river flows north, the oil train derailment is not expected to impact Maine's air or water. 

  • Mexico volcano eruption disrupts air travel (+video)

    Mexico volcano eruption caused flights in and out of Mexico City's airport to be cancelled Friday. The Mexico volcano eruption spewed a mile-high plume of ash that drifted over large parts of Mexico City, making it dangerous for air travel.

  • Oil prices up on Egypt crisis, US jobs (+video)

    Oil prices jumped nearly $2 Friday on continued protests in Egypt and a healthy US jobs report. It's the highest oil prices have been since last May. 

  • Ethiopia: Big Nile dam could ease Africa power failures

    Ethiopia: Big Nile dam echoes the Hoover Dam in scale and scope, offering the hope of a brighter economic future in Ethiopia and the Nile region. Ethiopia's big Nile dam – called the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – will cost $4.2 billion and be able to produce 6,000 megawatts of electricity. 

  • GM, Honda to join forces on fuel cell vehicles

    GM and Honda said Tuesday they would collaborate to develop new alternative fuel vehicles based on hydrogen storage and fuel cell technologies. GM and Honda already have more than 1,200 fuel cell patents between them, and both companies have experimental vehicle fleets. Ford, Daimler and Renault-Nissan have announced similar plans.

  • Death Valley temps tie record in extreme heat wave (+video)

    Death Valley temps soared Sunday at least tying the record high temperature of 128 degrees for June. One thermometer recorded Death Valley temps of 129.9, which shatters the record for June. 

  • Yucaipa fire burns through California amid broiling heat wave

    Yucaipa fire scorched 200 acres of brush and threatened homes in San Bernardino County in California. Firefighters worked to combat the Yucaipa fire in high temperatures as much of California broils under a massive heat wave.