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  • With Hugo Chavez gone, US oil industry eyes Venezuela

    Oil analysts don't expect sudden changes in Venezuela oil policies after Hugo Chavez's death. But political change in post-Chavez Venezuela could open its oil industry to much wider foreign investment.

  • Will ships sail through the North Pole by 2050?

    Melting Arctic ice will create new sea routes, a new study says, including the potential for light ice-breakers to reach the North Pole. New Arctic shipping routes would still be seasonal rather than year-around.   

  • Thailand to end ivory trade?

    Thailand's prime minister pledges to put an end to her nation's ivory trade. But she sets no timeline for ending the ivory trade, which is helping boost illegal poaching in Africa. 

  • State Department has no major objections to Keystone XL pipeline

    The Keystone XL pipeline cleared another hurdle towards approval late Friday as the US Department of State raised no major objections in its latest environmental review. The lengthy report says Canadian tar sands are likely to be developed, regardless of whether the US approves the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Canada minister 'cautiously optimistic' US will approve Keystone XL

    Canadian Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said Thursday he does not expect the US to veto the proposed Keystone XL pipeline from the Alberta oil sands to Texas.

  • BP drilling operations face scrutiny in Gulf oil spill trial

    Two former BP executives testified Wednesday about the effect of cost-cutting measures on BP's drilling operations before the 2010 oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. It marks the third day of the Gulf oil spill trial designed to figure out how much BP and other companies are to blame for the spill.

  • Shell halts Arctic oil drilling in 2013

    Royal Dutch Shell PLC announced Wednesday it would suspend drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean in 2013. Shell has experienced several setbacks this winter in its Arctic oil drilling plans.

  • Shale gas boom slows in Marcellus formation

    Natural gas boom in Northeast slows as drillers wait for pipelines to be built and prices to rise. Still, gas production from the Marcellus Shale formation is expected to rise 30 percent this year.

  • Fewer bees in US threaten almond crop

    Fewer bees are available to pollinate California's growing almond crop. Beekeepers in the US have fewer bees this year because of drought and ongoing colony collapse disorder. 

  • Who owns seeds? Not you, Monsanto says.

    US Supreme Court set to hear case of farmer using seeds grown from Monsanto's genetically modified seeds. Monsanto won the first round, claiming the farmer violated its patents, but his appeal has won a hearing in the Supreme Court.  

  • Keystone XL pipeline action coming in 'near term,' says Kerry

    Keystone XL pipeline, a flashpoint in the debate over climate change, will receive a "fair and transparent" review from the US State Department, secretary of State John Kerry said Friday. Kerry said he hopes to make an announcement about the Keystone XL pipeline in the 'near term.'

  • Lucy Lawless fined $547 for trespassing on Arctic oil drilling ship

    Lucy Lawless and seven other Greenpeace activists were each ordered to pay US$547 in costs to a port company and complete 120 hours of community service. Lucy Lawless, called the relatively light sentence a 'great victory.'

  • What caused power outage at Super Bowl XLVII? 'Abnormality'

    The Super Bowl power outage was caused by a piece of equipment sensing an 'abnormality,' according to Entergy New Orleans, which supplies power to the Superdome. The Super Bowl power outage occurred shortly after Beyonce put on a halftime show that featured extravagant lighting and video effects.

  • New England fishermen doomed?

    New England fishermen say they're doomed after federal officials propose drastic cuts in the cod they can catch. Federal officials to fishermen: Expect revenues to be cut by a third. New England fishermen: We're doomed. 

  • Climate change's latest victim: the wolverine

    Federal officials propose listing wolverine as endangered because its cold-weather habitat could shrink as the climate warms. But US says it won't use wolverine's status to regulate greenhouse gases. 

  • Tornado threat: How are January tornadoes possible? (+video)

    A tornado threat was posted Tuesday. Tornadoes are unusual in winter, but a large swath of the country was under a tornado watch, with some areas facing a tornado warning.

  • 2 barges damaged in bridge crash, oil spill

    2 barges in bridge crash cause oil spill that closes Mississippi River for 16 miles. Investigators not sure whether 1 or 2 barges hit the bridge; only one appears to be leaking oil.

  • New York's heat may be warming Siberia

    Heat from northern cities from New York to Tokyo could warm winters in Canada and Siberia, according to a new study, but cool the fall in the western US and Eastern Europe.

  • Arctic air invasion captured in animation (+video)

    Arctic air has driven down temperatures in most of the continental US. A new video animation from NOAA shows the arctic air swirling into the country and predicts its path.

  • John Kerry: Global climate change is threat to US

    John Kerry said the US should pursue policies to boost clean energy and slow the effects of climate change in his confirmation hearing Thursday. Climate change has been a focus of John Kerry's career in the Senate.