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  • It's a bike! It's a car! It's an ... ELF bike?

    ELF bike: A 'green' commuting option, the ELF bike looks like Fred Flintstone's footmobile, only with solar panels and a futuristic shape.

  • China heat wave: It's so hot, manhole covers cook food

    China heat wave leaves much of the country's southern and eastern areas sweltering. Shanghai hits record 105 degrees F. and one eastern city sees record 108 degrees. 

  • Potash cartel: Russia's Uralkali quits major potash venture

    Potash cartel upended as Russia's Uralkali drops out of the Belarusian Potash Company, heralding a price war for the key crop nutrient. The break-up of a major potash cartel leaves North America's Canpotex as the dominant potash export venture.

  • U.S. accuses JPMorgan: Bank pays $410 million settlement

    U.S. accuses JPMorgan: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says JPMorgan traders manipulated electricity prices. JPMorgan Chase & Co. agreed to pay $410 million on Tuesday to settle the claim by U.S. energy regulators.

  • Florida gas plant explosion rocks central Florida

    A Florida gas plant explosion sent 'boom after boom after boom' through the central Florida neighborhood around it early Tuesday. Several people were injured in the Florida gas plant explosion, with at least three critically injured.

  • Philadelphia explosion blamed on gas leak

    Philadelphia explosion was caused by a gas leak, officials said Monday. The Philadelphia explosion injured eight people and toppled an unoccupied row house.

  • Samet Island coast marred by oil spill

    Samet Island, a popular tourist destination in Thailand's eastern sea, was in the path of an oil spill that washed up black waves of crude oil on its beaches over the weekend. The Samet Island oil spill came from a leak in the pipeline operated by a subsidiary of state-owned oil and gas company PTT Plc.  

  • EU, China settle solar-panel trade dispute

    Chinese companies agree not to sell their solar panels below a specified price in the EU market. EU officials say new agreement will stabilize solar-panel market after steep losses and job cuts by European manufacturers.

  • Halliburton spill probe resolved. Will BP contractor cut another deal?

    Halliburton has agreed to pay a fine for its role in the 2010 Gulf oil spill, thereby resolving a U.S. Justice Department criminal probe. Still, Halliburton, the cement contractor involved in the spill, has a powerful incentive to cut another deal with businesses and residents.

  • Tropical storm Dorian loses strength in Atlantic Ocean (+video)

    Tropical storm Dorian continued to weaken in the Atlantic Ocean, centered off the coast of west Africa late Thursday, as Flossie spun far from land in the Pacific Ocean. Both tropical storm Dorian and Flossie are expected to weaken further over the coming days.

  • Tropical storm Dorian moves west across Atlantic (+video)

    Tropical storm Dorian grew stronger Thursday morning as it moved west across the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of west Africa. Currently, there are no land threats from tropical storm Dorian.

  • Wood-rail bird spotted in US. Birders go nuts.

    Wood-rail bird is causing a stir in the birding world. The rare Rufous-necked wood-rail bird has never before been spotted in the US, but for the last two weeks one of the birds has been right at home among the cattails at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Rig blowout: Gulf of Mexico natural gas well catches fire

    A rig blowout in the Gulf of Mexico caught fire and continued to burn Wednesday. No injuries have been reported, and officials stress the rig blowout wouldn't be close to as damaging as the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Rig blowout forces evacuation of Gulf natural gas rig

    Rig blowout in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday forced the evacuation of 47 workers aboard a drilling rig, authorities said. Natural gas flowed from the leaking rig off the Louisiana coast in the wake of the rig blowout.

  • Corpse flower: Missed it in D.C.? There's another in California.

    Corpse flower attracted crowds in Washington Sunday night, but if you missed the stinky flower bloom you can see another one within the next week at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The school says its greenhouse will be open to the public during the one-day blooming of the so-called corpse flower.

  • Peach State no more? Blueberries lead Georgia's fruit crops.

    Peach State may actually be the Blueberry State. Georgia is famous as a major producer of the peach but the so-called Peach State actually makes more money from another fruit crop: the blueberry.

  • Greenpeace: Shenhua coal project dumps toxic water in China

    Greenpeace: Shenhua coal-to-liquid pilot in near Ordos City in Inner Mongolia is draining groundwater and discharging high levels of toxic wastewater, according to a report released Tuesday by the environmental campaign group. The Greenpeace Shenhua report found that the coal project drained more than 50 million tonnes of groundwater from the Haolebaoji region since 2006.

  • Idyllwild fire mostly contained. Now mudslide threatens California homes.

    With the Idyllwild fire 85 percent contained early Tuesday, some residents now face the potential for flooding and mudslides in burned areas. Storms doused flames from the Idyllwild fire, but forced the evacuation of 20 homes in the path of potential flooding and mudslides.

  • US Navy eyes recovering bombs from Great Barrier Reef

    Two US jets jettisoned four unarmed bombs in Australia's Great Barrier Reef after aborted training mission. Officials of Great Barrier Reef park, world's biggest network of coral structures, say finding options for rapid recovery of bombs is high priority.  

  • Schwarzenegger filming documentary on climate change and wildfires

    Actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is at work on a documentary on climate change and how it impacts the fire season. Mr. Schwarzenegger was in western Montana, profiling the Snake River Hotshots as they work on the lines of the 9.6-square-mile West Mullan Fire burning north of the town of Superior.