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  • Mexico volcano eruption disrupts air travel (+video)

    Mexico volcano eruption caused flights in and out of Mexico City's airport to be cancelled Friday. The Mexico volcano eruption spewed a mile-high plume of ash that drifted over large parts of Mexico City, making it dangerous for air travel.

  • Oil prices up on Egypt crisis, US jobs (+video)

    Oil prices jumped nearly $2 Friday on continued protests in Egypt and a healthy US jobs report. It's the highest oil prices have been since last May. 

  • Ethiopia: Big Nile dam could ease Africa power failures

    Ethiopia: Big Nile dam echoes the Hoover Dam in scale and scope, offering the hope of a brighter economic future in Ethiopia and the Nile region. Ethiopia's big Nile dam – called the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – will cost $4.2 billion and be able to produce 6,000 megawatts of electricity. 

  • GM, Honda to join forces on fuel cell vehicles

    GM and Honda said Tuesday they would collaborate to develop new alternative fuel vehicles based on hydrogen storage and fuel cell technologies. GM and Honda already have more than 1,200 fuel cell patents between them, and both companies have experimental vehicle fleets. Ford, Daimler and Renault-Nissan have announced similar plans.

  • Death Valley temps tie record in extreme heat wave (+video)

    Death Valley temps soared Sunday at least tying the record high temperature of 128 degrees for June. One thermometer recorded Death Valley temps of 129.9, which shatters the record for June. 

  • Yucaipa fire burns through California amid broiling heat wave

    Yucaipa fire scorched 200 acres of brush and threatened homes in San Bernardino County in California. Firefighters worked to combat the Yucaipa fire in high temperatures as much of California broils under a massive heat wave.

  • How hot is the heat wave? Very, very hot

    The heat wave scorching the West is one of the worst in years with temperatures approaching record levels in some areas. So, just how hot is the heat wave? A look at five ways the heat is punishing the West.

  • Heat wave scorches California

    A heat wave moved its way through California Friday morning where temperatures were already topping 90 degrees Fahrenheit across many areas of the Los Angeles basin. The heat wave is expected to worsen over the weekend as temperatures could hit 120 degrees in the desert.

  • Arizona jaguar? Photos show rare big cat near Tucson.

    Arizona jaguar is seen in photos roaming the mountains southeast of Tucson. Federal wildlife officials provided the photos of the rare Arizona jaguar to the Arizona Daily Star in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

  • Pacifica shark attacks kayak. Man inside escapes unharmed.

    Pacifica shark attacks a man's kayak in waters just south of San Francisco Tuesday. The kayaker was able to escape and returned to shore without injury, according to Pacifica police. Most shark attacks off California shores occur between July and November, when the predators are drawn by seals and sea lions.

  • BP oil spill: Oil giant challenges Gulf payments

    BP oil spill settlement payments are being aggressively contested by London-based BP. The company may seek to recover what BP calls 'overpayments' that businesses received from the court-supervised settlement program for the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Yarmouth Maine explosion linked to propane gas

    An explosion in Yarmouth, Maine Tuesday apparently involved propane, the only source of fuel to the building. The Yarmouth, Maine explosion resembled an earlier explosion in Bath, Maine from a leak in a propane line.

  • Tsunami hit East Coast in June? Scientists say maybe.

    A tsunami may have made landfall on the US East Coast earlier in June, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Tuesday. A strong storm moved through the region and offshore that day, and scientists were trying to determine if it played a role in a possible tsunami.

  • Tropical Storm Cosme becomes hurricane off Mexico coast

    Tropical Storm Cosme no more; Hurricane Cosme has formed off Mexico's Pacific coast. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami says Cosme will generate large swells that will affect parts of Mexico's Pacific coast Tuesday and parts of southern Baja California starting Tuesday night and into Thursday.

  • Tropical Storm Cosme forms off southwest Mexico

    Tropical Storm Cosme made its way through the Pacific southwest of Mexico Monday. The US National Hurricane Center said Tropical Storm Cosme could become a hurricane by Tuesday night or Wednesday.

  • South Fork fire forces town to evacuate

    South Fork fire threatens to engulf the Colorado tourist town as officials evacuate 400 residents and visitors. In South Fork, fire crews are working to save cabins and homes from the approaching blaze. 

  • Bee kill-off in parking lot. Pesticide blamed.

    Bee kill-off at an Oregon shopping center was caused by a pesticide for aphids. The kill-off involved some 25,000 bumble bees.  

  • Canmore flood threatens towns in west Canada

    Canmore flood in western Canada may force as many as 100,000 people from their homes. The flood washed out roads and bridges and at least one person is missing in the Canmore flood.

  • Bear mauls man: Animal was 'goaded' into attack

    Bear mauls man who offered it barbecue meat at a campground in Alaska. The man was treated for puncture wounds and scratches after being mauled by the bear. The animal isn't likely to threaten other people, officials said.

  • Colorado fires 2013 destroy hundreds of homes

    Colorado fires 2013 spread through a dry, densely wooded area of Colorado Thursday, destroying at least 360 homes. Hot temperatures, wind gusts, and bone-dry forest conditions fueled the Colorado fires 2013.