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  • Remodeling democracy, 800 years on

    Global surveys show rising distrust of traditional democracy, and many institutions. Yet other indicators suggest young people want different types of civic engagement. The media must probe beyond the politics of conflict.

  • Dousing China's puffing dragon

    China has launched a campaign for nonsmokers and against nicotine addiction. Despite a lack of enforcement of current smoking bans and the government's addiction to tobacco revenue, China might become a model for other countries.

  • Europe's trials bring lessons for Ukraine war

    The nearly yearlong war in Ukraine has escalated, forcing Europe to find a new unity of purpose in how to respond. The EU's lessons from its other crises can help.

  • Why Germany should invest in Greece

    The Jan. 25 Greek election results may be about ending fiscal austerity and heavy debt burdens. But any relief needs to be coupled with a boost for Greek abilities to be better entrepreneurs – and be competitive enough to pay off debts.

  • Nations that tap female empowerment

    On his visit to India, President Obama can take note of a new reform aimed at boosting the value of girls and women in the economy. Many countries now see female empowerment as necessary for growth.

  • Shaping Europe's reaction to terror

    German leaders and protesters counter anti-Islam hate groups with an embrace of tolerance. One Berlin project even plans a joint house of prayer for Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

  • Obama as Cuba's Internet provider

    Formal talks on US-Cuba ties started Wednesday, with President Obama insisting on Cubans being given access to the Internet. He is right to see the Internet as the people's searchlight for freedom – despite his doubts about 'democracy promotion.'

  • How companies deal with fear of change

    A global survey finds most people say change is happening too fast. Firms that stick to eternal values such as simplicity can help customers cope with change.

  • The real battlefield against jihadist armies

    In Iraq's struggle with Islamic State and Nigeria's with Boko Haram, each country has made some progress by embracing inclusive democracy. This, more than fighting, will fill the social vacuum that jihadist armies exploit.

  • US needs unity to counter Islamic State

    President Obama has led the bombing of Islamic State for five months with no new legal authority. Now he will propose his own law. Congress must unite behind the principles and goals in this effort while giving latitude to the president for dynamic threats.

  • We are Charlie's act of forgiveness

    The latest cover of of Charlie Hedbo magazine had a serious headline – "All is forgiven' – which is the surviving staff's real intent toward the terrorists. This may be a useful lesson for other types of conflict in the world.

  • What drives Colombia's revival despite war?

    Despite its long wars with drug barons and leftist rebels – or perhaps because of them – Colombia shows strong traits for reform. What lies behind Latin America's strongest economy?

  • A gem of an election for Sri Lanka (+video)

    A reformer's surprise presidential win brings hope of reconciliation for a Sri Lanka still divided nearly six years after a civil war.

  • Best defense of free speech: individual dignity

    Sunday's huge rally in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo murders helps reassert the intrinsic worth of each person, no matter what kind of offending cartoons he or she may draw.

  • 'Nut rage' and other affairs of nepotism

    South Koreans debate their big, family-dominated businesses after an incident involving the daughter of Korean Air's chairman. From India to Saudi Arabia, clannish governance and ruling by bloodlines are under scrutiny.

  • Europe must unite after Charlie Hebdo attack

    The assault on press liberty in the killings at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is only the latest crisis to befall Europe. Yet it should trigger a return to Europe's moral foundations.

  • How debt mercy helps drive US recovery

    Debt 'deleveraging' in the US since the Great Recession has helped put many people and companies back on their feet. As painful as a bankruptcy or foreclosure may be, the US excels at giving second chances.

  • Lessons in hospitality plant seeds of peace

    The Arab and Turkish welcome of refugees from the long war in Syria sets an example of hospitality for the West. It creates both a moral counterpoint to the Islamic State and gratitude among refugees that may help peace efforts.

  • Russia and Ukraine: a contest less of war and more of governance

    Last year, Russia and Ukraine were in a military contest. This year, with each facing steep economic decline, they have turned inward in what can be seen as a contest of domestic reform. With its new-found freedoms, Ukraine may win.

  • Lessons for any company in AirAsia plane crash

    After the demise of AirAsia Flight 8501, the company CEO quickly apologized, comforted families of the victims, and sought solutions. In the history of corporate mea culpas, this one stands out.