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  • The best answer to commercial cybertheft

    The US-China summit last week produced an agreement on tackling commercial cyberespionage. The pact will only succeed if Chinese leaders now understand their people are quite capable of generating creative ideas, more so than stealing from others.

  • Colombia's breakthrough for peace and justice

    A key agreement to achieve a final peace balances the need to end Colombia’s long civil war with meting out some justice for those who admit war crimes and affirm civil rights and peaceful means.

  • Europe’s hopes for fewer Greek tax dodgers

    In a key election, Greeks returned Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to power knowing he must implement one vital reform demanded by the EU: a curb on tax evasion. This will take more than tough enforcement.

  • The road ahead for VW after its emissions deception

    Now that the world knows of Volkswagen’s deception about the emissions of its diesel cars, it should follow the model of reform of another German engineering giant, Siemens, after it was caught in a corruption scandal.

  • Why Syrian refugees don’t flee to Islamic State caliphate

    The image of Syrians escaping to the West undercuts just one of Islamic State’s false narratives. The group’s many errors are eroding its allure, say defectors, hastening its demise. Containment by the West may be as effective as drones.

  • Next up as a region of peace: Asia

    As China and Japan shift their military postures, Asia must follow other regions that seek to become ‘zones of peace.’ It has a model in ASEAN, a body in Southeast Asia that for decades has presumed peace as the norm.

  • Merkel as ‘mother’ to a European conscience

    German leader Angela Merkel keeps rising in moral authority with each new crisis: Greece, Ukraine, and now a flood of refugees. Ever mindful of its nationalist past, Germany finds a role in uniting Europe around universal values.

  • Syrian refugees as Trojan horse for Islamic State?

    In Europe and the US, many leaders stoke fears of Syrian refugees as hiding Islamic State fighters. Not only is this fear unfounded but it only helps IS in its recruitment.

  • Why new democracies still need foreign poll-watchers

    Myanmar’s welcoming of foreign election observers for its Nov. 8 vote reflects the progress in setting international norms for free and fair voting.

  • A calm center for the immigration debate

    Emotions are running high in Europe and the US about migrants or refugees. There is a way to keep a civil discourse.

  • College football: Don’t pander to bettors

    ESPN’s ‘cover alerts’ tie college sports ever closer to gambling.

  • Getting personal with corporate crime

    The US Justice Department plans to favor prosecution of individual wrongdoers over the levying of corporate fines.

  • Europe’s migrant challenge

    Not all countries may be able to benefit from the influx of newcomers; but all of Europe must share the load.

  • A still relevant monarch

    As Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain's longest-serving monarch her reign seems to be enjoying a renaissance.

  • Fearless Guatemala's lessons for Latin America

    Peaceful protests that helped oust the Guatemalan president set a template for rejecting the fears that keep corruption in place.  Seven months of a popular rising also showed the power of shared ideals in demanding honest governance.

  • China’s voice in the global opera

    As Chinese leader Xi Jinping holds a summit with President Obama and takes command of the G20, he must also define what values China offers as it tries to reshape the international system.

  • New ways to protect the innocent in war

    As the nature of war changes, the International Committee of the Red Cross is struggling to ensure compliance with the humanitarian principles of the Geneva Conventions. Even the most extreme militants must be convinced of the need to protect civilians.

  • Seeing Ukraine as an opportunity

    A renewed cease-fire, debt restructuring, and more reforms are helping transform Ukraine from a crisis into an opportunity for Europe.

  • The global call for more border walls

    Donald Trump’s promise of a secure wall on the US-Mexican border reflects a trend in many nations to fortify their boundaries. A better course lies in more cooperation between countries and tackling root causes of perceived border threats.

  • Saying ‘rubbish’ in Lebanon to politics by faith

    A garbage-pickup crisis has sparked protests aimed at fixing a government stalemated for too long by the attempt to balance religious rivalry. Lebanon may set an example in the Mideast for government based on individual equality regardless of faith. 

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