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  • Cards Against Humanity creates a STEM scholarship for women

    The makers of Cards Against Humanity, the gleefully offensive party game, announced Monday that they're creating a scholarship for women seeking degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. The scholarship will be funded with the proceeds from a new pack of cards for the game. 

  • Tax refund on the way? Ten ways to spend it wisely.

    Tax season is underway, and an estimated 8 of 10 filers will get a refund this year. Using you tax refund to pay off debts and bills should be top priority, but if your finances are in order, consider treating yourself to a vacation, exercise equipment, or new electronics. 

  • To buy an Apple Watch, make an appointment (+video)

    Customers looking to buy an Apple Watch will have to make an appointment and get a detailed demo complete with instructional videos and special display and try-on areas. Those are the details emerging in advance of the Apple Watch release date — April 24.

  • Facebook wants you to shop through its Messenger app (+video)

    Facebook announced the next step for its Messenger app last week, aiming to turn shopping and customer service into a text-driven experience. But will shoppers and retailers jump on board? 

March 31, 2015

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A supporter of presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressive Congress (APC) party celebrates in Kano, Nigeria. Nigeria's opposition APC declared an election victory on Tuesday for former military ruler Buhari and said Africa's most populous nation was witnessing history with its first democratic transfer of...

More Saving Money
  • IPO lite? SEC rule change gives small businesses a new fundraising option.

    The SEC approved changes to a little-used regulation that will now let companies sell up to $50 million in securities to outside investors every year. The change creates a sort of 'IPO Lite' — a way to raise capital for businesses that may be well established, but not ready to be traded on the stock market.

  • Has your car been recalled? Eight questions to ask.

    A record 60 million cars were recalled in the US last year, and a few major recalls have been announced in 2015. This all means it's time to refresh our memory on just how car recalls work — and what you should do if your car is affected by one.

  • Payday loans face government crackdown

    New federal rules cracking down on unfair payday loans and other forms of predatory lending may be on the way. The proposals would target both short-term and longer-term loan products that are typically marketed toward financially vulnerable consumers. 

  • Ten ways to see the world on a budget

    A recent college graduate has spent seven months on the road, and she's picked up a few travel hacks that can benefit anyone looking to see the world. Here are ten of her favorites. 

  • Google Pony Express will let you pay bills in Gmail

    Google is working on a bill payment system, called Pony Express, that would save you from having to visit a utility or service’s website, let alone make the treacherous trek all the way to your physical mailbox.

  • The three worst airports for penny pinchers

    These airports are among the most expensive to fly through in the world, mainly thanks to high landing fees.  

  • Telecom trade group sues FCC on net neutrality

    A trade group that represents Internet service providers such as Verizon, Frontier and AT&T, filed a petition in the US District Court in Washington arguing that the rules set by the Federal Communications Commission are 'arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion.'

  • Five money-saving car repairs you can do yourself

    There are a few car maintenance tasks simple enough even for a novice, so save yourself the pricey trip to the mechanic. These five simple car repairs require only a little time, a little knowledge, and a few specialized tools. 

  • Bed Bath & Beyond ends its super-generous return policy (+video)

    Bed Bath & Beyond is changing its beloved return policy April 20, meaning customers will no longer be able to get full store credit without a receipt. Even with the change, Bed Bath & Beyond still has one of the best return policies out there. 

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    Graco fined $10 million for defective child safety seats (+video)

    Graco Children's Products will pay at least $10 million for failing to report defects in nearly 6 million car seats in a timely manner. Graco must pay a $3 million fine to the government, and will owe another $7 million if it doesn’t spend at least that much to improve child safety features over the next five years