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  • What should you do if your unpaid debt is in collections?

    Letting your unpaid bills go in collections could prove to be troublesome. You may find yourself in court and with damaged credit history for years to come. To avoid that, here are a few steps to take if your debt goes into collections. 

  • Free Shipping Day: Is it really worth it?

    Free Shipping Day is today, Dec. 18, with many noteworthy retailers offering free shipping with no minimum purchase. But many stores already offer free shipping year-round, making their involvement in Free Shipping Day yawn-worthy at best. 

  • Five best laptop deals for the holidays

    If you're on the lookout to buy a notebook as a holiday gift, we've compiled this week's best laptop deals.

  • Five great Christmas gift ideas for kids

    We all love to see the shine and excitement on our kids faces when they see their presents on Christmas morning. That's why we've rounded up five of our favorite gift deals for kids, including 36 cans of Play-Doh at 44 cents a piece, a Dora and Friends bilingual play set at a $17 low, and more. 

  • So you want to be a millionaire? Save, save, save.

    The first million is the hardest to make but it gets easier after that. There are three important things to learn- start saving (the earlier the better), save a big percentage of your income, and investment returns don't matter as much as your saving rate. 

  • Five (more) Christmas gift ideas for men

    If you're stumped about what to get for a boyfriend, dad, or another gentleman in your life for the holidays, then allow us to provide some helpful inspiration with five of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for men. 

  • Roth IRA: Part of a major new tax-savings rule from the IRS

    Roth IRA accounts are a big part of new guidance from the IRS on long-term retirement savings. A new rule allows for the after-tax portion of 401(k) plans to be separated from the pre-tax portion and moved into a Roth IRA, resulting in tax-free growth from then on for that account.

  • Christmas shipping deadlines for 50 popular stores and websites

     To help you spend as little as possible on shipping fees, we've collected cut-off dates for Christmas delivery at some of today's most popular retailers. Just remember to pad your order by a few days to ensure your packages don't get tangled by winter storms or other unforeseen delays.

December 17, 2014

Photos of the Day 12/17

Tian Tian, a giant panda prepares to eat a special Christmas panda cake crafted in the shape of a Christmas tree in the outdoor enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

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  • Cheap alternatives to 11 hot holiday gifts

    We've rounded up 11 awesome alternatives to in-demand items that are less expensive, provide a much better value for your dollar and have almost the same functions. 

  • Giving cash for Christmas? Try stock instead.

    When giving a gift, an alternative to giving cash is to gift stock. This technique is not as easy or straight forward to grasp, but there are some significant tax savings available for those who choose to use them. 

  • Where to get the best Christmas deals on clothes and accessories

    With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we've found a selection of treats to suit all budgets and vices. Ann Taylor LOFT hosts its best ever sale, while Canon has dropped another $56 off a refurbished model of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

  • Ten 'countdown to Christmas' sales you can't miss: Deals on apparel, tech, and more

    Christmas is roughly two weeks away and retailers are doing everything they can to promote their deals. These sales last for a limited amount of time, with retailers announcing a new deal each day, often right up until Christmas.

  • Ten board games to play with your family during the holidays

    The holidays are a great time to declare a family game night when everyone is together. It can be a fun way to bond with loved ones off the grid. It's in this spirit that we've gathered a list of nine classic and one new board game for you to play. We also found the best deals online for you to buy if you don't have them already. 

  • To stop fighting about money, couples may need a financial referee

    Money fights are a major predictor of divorce because money is connected with feelings of unfairness and power in the relationship. That’s why sitting down together with a neutral third party to talk about financial conflicts can be so important for couples.

  • The color red leads to higher eBay bids, and other ways retailers trick your senses

    Marketers and stores may use color schemes, music, even scents and furniture that trigger your sensory tricks to make you more inclined to spend money. For example, an eBay study shows that a red background on the Pages Results made people bid higher.

  • Five ways to stay on budget this holiday season

    The holidays can be expensive, and not sticking to a budget can lead to out of control spending and debt that lingers long after the holidays have ended. To avoid that, here are five ways to keep spending on track this holiday season.

  • Best gift ideas for men: Save on PS4, Star Wars figurines, and more

    Men can be tough to shop for, so we've rounded up five great gift ideas for you to choose from – all you have to do is match the gift to the giftee. Save on a PS4 bundle for your gamer, snag some Star Wars figures for your geek, or get your would-be chef an an infrared thermometer gun.

  • Six things not to buy before Christmas

    Many products you see on sale pre-Christmas will be significantly cheaper post-Christmas. Nobody wants to give gifts late, but in case you have the luxury of trading gifts after December 25, or if you happen to be shopping for yourself, we've compiled a list of items you should buy after the holidays.