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  • Five road trips to take while gas is dirt cheap

    With gas prices near or below $2 per gallon, now is the perfect time to take a road trip. We've picked five hot road trip destinations for you and calculated how much a round trip car ride would be from seven of the country's biggest cities. 

  • International travel just became cheaper

    The US dollar's exchange rates with international currencies have improved in the last eight months. This means food, transportation costs, and other expenses will cost you less when visiting some popular destinations across the globe. 

  • Best tablet deals: Windows and Android slates from $77

    If you're looking for cheap, mid-sized tablets for entertainment or work, you'll want to check out this list of five great tablet deals. You can save $30 on the full-HD Dell Venue 8, grab a Toshiba Encore Mini for just $79, or bag a Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 at $81 off.

  • 529A savings plans could help people with disabilities

    The US Congress passed the ABLE Act last year, which created a 529A account to provide tax advantaged benefits for disabled individuals. The 529A will allow more families to plan support for disabled loved ones, and use it as needed. 

  • Disney World: the ultimate test of financial planning

    Managing your finances during a trip is always important, but it's a special challenge at Disney World. Here are eight tips to keep you on track in the Happiest Place on Earth.

  • Are Microsoft's HoloLens glasses cool or not?

    Microsoft unveils its next ambitious and great innovation: HoloLens. With HoloLens, users can dive into the virtually untapped world of holographic computing by wearing a headset to see 3D holograms that can interact with the environment around them. 

  • Five romantic (and cheap) hotel deals for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is around the corner, and if you want to treat your loved one with a romantic escape and show them what they really mean to you, then book one of these five romantic hotel deals. 

  • Walmart Direct2Cash lets you pick up your tax refund in cash

    Walmart's Direct2Cash service allows consumers to pick up their tax refunds in cash at their neighborhood Walmart instead of waiting for a check, or paying high fees for direct deposit.

  • Four ways Obama's cybersecurity push could help you

    After Sony's high-profile hack and a multitude of retailer data breaches, President Obama has laid out a series of legislative proposals that he says will boost data security, improve consumer privacy, and help prevent identity theft. 

  • Eighteen Oscar-nominated movies you can watch online today

    The Oscars are around the corner, and you'll want to catch up on your movie watching ahead of Feb. 22. Check our list of 18 Oscar nominated movies and where you can find affordable prices to rent, buy or stream them online. 

  • Three questions to ask yourself when investing spare cash

    If you have a small sum of spare money lying around, ask yourself these three essential questions before investing it anywhere.

  • Problems at IRS: Will you get your tax refund on time?

    The IRS chief is warning of a poor tax season, with delayed refunds and long waits for customer service help likely after budget cuts. But could the income tax system and the IRS be overhauled to work for everyone? 

  • Five side jobs that can supplement your income

    Whether you're struggling to get by or want to put money away for a wedding or vacation, extra cash flow never hurts. Here are five ways to supplement your income without doing a ton of extra work. 

  • Six steps to debt freedom

    Tackling debt isn't easy, especially at the beginning. But a few key adjustments to your budget can send you well on your way to a debt-free paradise. Here are six cost-cutting measures to help eliminate your debt quickly. 

  • Five ways to make difficult conversations about money easier

    Conversations about money can be hard and awkward, but they're essential in avoiding conflicts with those close to you. Here are five ways to make those tricky money conversations a bit easier. 

  • Nine cheap alternatives to high-cost winter clothes

    With temperatures falling and snow piles rising across the nation, you might be scrambling to get together some semblance of a practical winter wardrobe. We've rounded up nine cheaper alternatives to pricey North Face coats and UGG boots that will keep you warm, and fashionable.  

  • Student loans: How Obama's community college plan could give 9 million students break

    Student loans have become a major  financial hurdle for young adults. But President Obama's plans to offer two years of free community college could help 9 million students save an average of $3,800 in full-time tuition per year, and reduce student loans. 

  • Five amazing travel deals to Europe, including a $144 flight. Really.

    If you've always wanted to visit Europe, then this could be the year. Take your once-in-a-lifetime trip with our five best travel deals: We've found airfare to Europe from as low as $144 one-way and 6-night flight and hotel packages for two starting from $1,521 plus other offers. 

  • Winter prep: 13 tools you should always keep in the car

    The windy, slushy winter days are here, and it's crucial to prepare in advance for any car trouble. Keep these tools handy, and you'll be ready for any crisis that could strike during winter on the road. 

  • As adoption fees mount, a loan could fill the gap

    Adopting a child can be an amazing experience, but costs for the process can exceed $40,000. A loan can help with adoption costs, but you need to answer a few questions before committing to borrowing money.