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  • Six ways to speed up your Internet connection

    A slow Internet connection can be a productivity killer, whether your a gamer or a Netflix addict. Here a few suggestions you can use to help improve your Internet speed without spending a fortune. 

  • What the NFL Draft can teach us about money

    In the NFL Draft, teams hope to find strengths where they currently have weaknesses, replace veteran players with less expensive but talented young prospects, and ready their organizations for 2015 and beyond. It's not that different from your personal finances.

  • Nine ways to negotiate your rent

    If you're facing a rent increase at your current apartment or the prospect of paying too much for a new place, why not try haggling? Here are a few tips and tricks to navigate the tricky business of rent negotiations. 

  • Filing a tax extension? You still have to pay on time. (+video)

    Tax Day is here, which means people who haven't done their taxes yet will be filing for a six-month extension. But the extension gives you more time to file, not more time to pay – with a few notable exceptions.  

April 17, 2015

Photos of the Day 04/17

A competitor is applied with fake tan before competing in the Mr. Thailand 2015 bodybuilding competition in Bangkok, Thailand, Friday. The three-day competition attracts more than 400 bodybuilding enthusiasts across the country.

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