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  • The Long Ships

    The Long Ships

    This lively tale of 10th-century Viking exploits can best be described as a Scandinavian swashbuckler.

  • 3 noteworthy summer mysteries

    3 noteworthy summer mysteries

    These summer thrillers offer adrenaline-fueled trips to Saudi Arabia,Dublin, and the ski slopes.

  • The Cross of Redemption

    The Cross of Redemption

    These previously uncollected writings of James Baldwin highlight both his intellect and his passion.

  • A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb

    A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb

    Has post-9/11 fear created a not-so-brave new world of bullies and fools?

  • Nobody Turn Me Around

    Nobody Turn Me Around

    How infighting almost silenced Dr. King's momentous "I Have a Dream" speech.

  • Classic review: The Corrections

    Classic review: The Corrections

    In Jonathan Franzen's dark family comedy, everybody wants to be somebody else, somewhere else.

  • From Fatwa to Jihad

    From Fatwa to Jihad

    Is multiculturalism to blame for further alienating Muslims who live in Western countries?

  • Hostage Nation

    Hostage Nation

    This true story of the dramatic rescue of three captive Americans raises disturbing questions about the US war on drugs in Colombia.

  • Let’s Take the Long Way Home

    Let’s Take the Long Way Home

    How do you say goodbye to a once-in-a-lifetime friendship?

  • Architects of Power

    Architects of Power

    How Roosevelt and Eisenhower transformed the United States into a global superpower.

  • Off the Grid

    Off the Grid

    Off-the-grid expert Nick Rosen offers a portrait of some of the Americans who have opted for freedom from the utility grid.

  • Classic review: Blake

    Classic review: Blake

    Peter Ackroyd's biography of William Blake is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand the last great English religious poet to date.

  • The Madonnas of Echo Park

    The Madonnas of Echo Park

    This debut novel about the intersecting lives of Mexican-Americans in East Los Angeles deftly tackles questions of culture, belonging, and identity.

  • The Red Umbrella

    The Red Umbrella

    Inspired by stories she heard from her grandparents, Christina Diaz Gonzalez tells the story of a teen’s secret evacuation from Cuba in Operation Pedro Pan.

  • Dreaming in Chinese

    Dreaming in Chinese

    This memoir, history, and cultural study, is a treasure-trove of clever party-ready tidbits.

  • Let Our Fame Be Great

    Let Our Fame Be Great

    Journalist Oliver Bullough delivers a detailed, moving history of the too often overlooked people of the Caucasus.

  • The Party

    The Party

    China’s communist party: Light on ideology, heavy on control.

  • Touch Blue

    Touch Blue

    An urban foster kid adapts to life on a small Maine island in this terrific new middle-grade novel.

  • Reviews of ‘Blind Descent’ and ‘No Way Down’

    Reviews of ‘Blind Descent’ and ‘No Way Down’

    Inside the dangerous worlds of climbers and cavers.

  • Wildflower


    Now in paperback, the story of Joan Root’s trajectory from documentarian to conservationist to murder victim makes a captivating summer read.