Top Picks: 'Custody' on DVD and Blu-ray, the HappyCow app

The Royal Opera House’s YouTube channel gives you a fascinating peek behind the scenes of a world-renowned performance hall, Sheryl Crow’s six-piece band jams out on old hits and new classics for 'Live at the Capitol Theatre,' and more top picks.


Behind the scenes

For a fascinating peek behind the scenes of a world-renowned performance hall, take a look at the Royal Opera House’s YouTube channel. Showcasing livestreamed ballet rehearsals, insights into choreography, and lessons on the history of costuming, the channel reveals the background activities that keep the ROH’s wheels turning. Also on offer are highlight reels of famous performances and trailers and showtimes for upcoming performances. See

Happy meal

Avoid the unpleasant surprise of finding that the restaurant you’ve chosen doesn’t have the food for you. The HappyCow app helps you find restaurants, grocery stores, and more with vegan options. It’s available for iOS and Android.


Merry and bright

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas already? The classic movie is back in theaters on Dec. 9 and Dec. 12, complete with the title track and plenty of other fun songs and dancing. You can see whether White Christmas will be at a theater near you at

Chilling experience

The movie Custody is available on DVD and Blu-ray and depicts the struggle between a divorced couple, Miriam (Léa Drucker) and Antoine (Denis Ménochet). Monitor film critic Peter Rainer writes, “The bone-deep chill of real, observed experience cuts through this film and gives it a verity that at times reminded me of Frederick Wiseman’s harrowing documentary ‘Domestic Violence.’ ” The movie is in French with subtitles. This is best for teenagers and older.

All she wants to do

During her new concert movie, Live at the Capitol Theatre, Sheryl Crow has a startling realization: Her hit “All I Wanna Do” was released 24 years ago. “Wow, that’s scary!” she says. Yet the song pops as if it’s only just been uncorked. Crow, too, has an unbottled energy, pogoing across the stage as if her sneakers have springs in the heels. Sixteen cameras cover all the angles as Crow’s six-piece band jams out on old hits and new classics such as “Long Way Back Home.” The album is available on Spotify.

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