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  • Magic Johnson: 11 quotes from the basketball legend

    On his 54th birthday, here are 11 quotes from the basketball player.

  • Why do Election 2012 swing states matter? 5 resources to explain.

    Looking for better analysis on swing states? D.C. Decoder has compiled a list of excellent resources to help you understand the impact swing states really have.

  • Clara Schumann: Five ingredients for a child prodigy (+video)

    Google marks the 193rd anniversary of the birth of German pianist and composer Clara Schumann, widely regarded as on of the most gifted musicians of her time. By the age of 11, Schumann was touring internationally, and by 18 was granted Austria's highest musical honor.  There is no formal definition of "child prodigy," but many psychologists define it as person who, by the age of 10, who can perform a skill at the level of an adult professional. Clara Schumann clearly fits this definition. But how did Clara Schumann become a prodigy? What ingredients – external and internal – combined in just the right way to produce her legendary artistry?Psychology has yet to develop a model that explains why some people can rapidly develop such extraordinary talent – whether it be in art, music, mathematics, or chess – at such an early age. And because prodigies are, by definition, rare, their gifts resist statistical analysis. But research has yielded the emergence of some themes. Here's a list of five traits shared by most child prodigies.  

  • Roald Dahl: 10 quotes on his birthday

    10 quotes by Roald Dahl, author of 'Matilda' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.'

  • iPhone 5? The 11 best uses for your old iPhone

    Here are 11 good ideas for an 'obsolete' iPhone:

  • Blasphemy riots: 6 examples around the world

    Many Muslims consider any depiction of the prophet to be forbidden, and Islamic teachings call for handling the Quran with respect. Incidents of both intentional and unintentional disrespect have occasionally prompted protests and violence around the world. Here are six examples:

  • Obama or Romney? Why 5 undecided voters are still on the fence.

    The presidential election will be decided by a tiny fraction of American voters – those in swing states who have not made up their minds. What are these 1 million people waiting for? The Monitor talked to five undecided voters to find out.

  • Top 5 bullying myths

    We all know that bullying is wrong but you may know even less about bullying than you originally thought. Monitor correspondent Stephanie Hanes debunks 5 popular misconceptions.

  • Jesse Owens: 10 quotes for his birthday

    10 quotes from the Olympic athlete on what would have been his 99th birthday.

  • Bestselling books the week of 9/13/12, according to IndieBound*

    What's selling best at independent bookstores across America.

  • Man Booker Prize: 6 nominees on the shortlist

    These six novels made the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize. Which will win?

  • Obama vs. Romney 101: 5 ways they differ on debt and deficits

    President Obama and Mitt Romney offer sharply different views on how to get the nation back on a sustainable fiscal path. Here are five ways they differ on policies to cope with a soaring debt.

  • 3 views on whether states should legalize marijuana

    This November, voters in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington will consider ballot measures to legalize and regulate marijuana, much as alcohol and tobacco are taxed and regulated. In this first in a series of "one minute debates" for election 2012, three writers give their brief take on the issue.

  • 'Tootsie': 5 stories from the set

    Susan Dworkin's behind-the-scenes look 'Making Tootsie' was reissued this year for the movie's thirtieth anniversary – here are five glimpses behind the scenes.

  • Arnold Palmer: 12 quotes for his birthday

    For his 83rd birthday, here are 12 quotes from the golfing legend.

  • Obama vs. Romney 101: 4 ways they compare on gun control

    A spate of gun violence has beset the United States ahead of the November election, raising the perennial question about how effectively America regulates its 300 million-plus guns. Yet neither presidential candidate is likely to hoist his own complicated record as a rallying cry.

  • NFL 2012: a banner year for rookie quarterbacks

    Encouraged by the success of Carolina’s Cam Newton and Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton last season, five teams hand the offensive controls to five players fresh out of the college ranks.

  • Leo Tolstoy: 10 quotes on his birthday

    10 quotes from Leo Tolstoy, esteemed author of classic novels "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina" 

  • Star Trek: The Original Series: The 10 greatest episodes (+ video)

    Star Trek: The Original Series first aired 46 years ago Friday, and Google is marking the occasion with an elaborate, interactive doodle that includes a number of Trek tropes, including a doomed redshirt, a chief communications officer in soft-focus, a bulkhead full of tribbles, a generic rocky planet, and a whole lot of blinking and beeping and flashing lights.The doodle is based on a first-season episode titled 'The Arena,' in which Captian Kirk is transported to a planet that looks suspiciously like the outskirts of Los Angeles, where he must face off against a reptilian humanoid. By our calculations, 'The Arena' was the 17th greatest episode. Here are our top ten:

  • Did you find all the secrets in Google's Star Trek: The Original Series doodle?

    Star Trek: The Original Series made its debut 46 years ago. In that time, the show created a media empire, inspired many rising scientists, and played a surprising role in the American Civil Rights movement. Google honored the original series on Friday with an interactive doodle. The mini Star Trek episode follows a Googlized Captain Kirk from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise to the clutches of danger. Along the way, Google's design team hid many secrets. Here's a complete guide to the winks, spoofs, and inside jokes tucked into doodle. 

  • Fall books: 10 fiction titles you'll want to know about

    If you're looking for a literary escape this autumn, try one of these new titles.

  • Companies we love in 8 industries we hate

    A trip to the bank doesn't have to be a nightmare. Here are the customer service winners in eight industries that customers hate, from airlines to cable companies.

  • Obama vs. Romney 101: 5 ways they differ on immigration

    President Obama has staked out positions favored by Latino voters on immigration issues. Mitt Romney has tried to cast himself somewhere between the staunchest anti-illegal immigration activist of his party and Obama. Here are the two candidates' positions on five issues:

  • Fall books: 19 smart nonfiction picks

    Here are 19 fall 2012 nonfiction titles worth checking out.

  • 'Happier at Home': Gretchen Rubin offers 10 tips to make home more comforting

    Gretchen Rubin offers tips for making your house more of a home – even if you've lived there for years.

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