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Quirky Christmas traditions around the world

- Correspondent

An apple with the Star of Bethlehem (Christmas Star) on it is shown in this Nov. 16, 2008 photo, in Pencin, Czech Republic. (Newscom)

Predicting the future

Christmas is a time in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for traditions that are reputed to shine a light on the year ahead, according to the website My Czech Republic. Apples are cut crosswise, and if you can see a star in the core, the next year will be a good one. Women wondering how much longer they'll remain unmarried can toss a shoe over their shoulder, and if the toe points at the door when it falls, marriage is in the near future. One tradition, which probably shouldn't be tried at home, entails pouring molten lead into water and guessing the future based on the shapes in which it hardens.

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