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Black Eyed Peas join Mexico in protesting Arizona immigration law SB1070 [video]

A handful of protests were staged Thursday in Mexico against Arizona immigration law SB1070, and a Black Eyed Peas member this week joined other musicians such as Shakira and Kanye West in denouncing it.

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Mexico, along with 11 other Latin American countries, in June had filed an amicus brief in favor of a US federal lawsuit that sought to strike down the Arizona immigration law. Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on Wednesday called the injunction a “step in the right direction.”

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While many here celebrated the decision, those with family in Arizona or other states seeking to pass similar laws say the danger is far from over.

“I’m relieved for now, but hopefully they’ll overturn the law for good,” says Evelin Vazquez of Mexico City. The 20-year-old waitress says her uncles and aunts who live in Oklahoma face similar legislation, which will only gain steam if the injunction is dismissed.

Five US states have already introduced a bill and at least 20 others are reportedly considering it, among them Oklahoma.

'No desire to go to US'

Mauricio Perez, a Mexico City resident whose uncle lives in Arizona, says that even if the law is eventually reversed, it has already damaged the relationship between Mexico and the United States.

“Just seeing how they treat your own family, it leaves me with no desire to go to the United States, not even for a visit,” says the 26-year-old furniture salesman.

Officials here have warned that the new law could spark the return of Mexicans across a deadly international border. More than 150 migrants have died trying to cross the border into Arizona this year, Mexico's Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement Thursday, and shelters in the border state of Sonora are already preparing for an influx of migrants returning home as a result of the new law.

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