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  • When is it smart to lose in pro sports?

    The phenomena of 'tanking,' or deliberately losing, can become a strategy for a professional sports team when all hope is lost. Is there a science to the art of the tank? 

  • Will Joe Paterno get his statue rebuilt? (+video)

    A recent poll finds that Pennsylvanians are in favor of reinstalling the statue of the late Penn State coach. Are his on-field accomplishments dwarfed by his reluctance to act when faced with a sexual abuse scandal? 

  • Why was Jackie Robinson West stripped of US title? (+video)

    Jackie Robinson West was a feel-good story from the 2014 Little League championship tournament, the first African-American team to win the title in a sport that typically struggles to attract black players. But league officials now say the team's coaches cheated. 

  • Who is Tom Brady giving his Super Bowl truck to? (+video)

    After leading the Patriots to their fourth Super Bowl championship and capturing a third Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady is giving away the big prize - a Chevy truck – that came with the award. Who gets the truck?

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Graduating US Naval Academy midshipmen march into the Academy's graduation and commissioning ceremony in Annapolis, Md., May 26.

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