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  • When is it smart to lose in pro sports?

    The phenomena of 'tanking,' or deliberately losing, can become a strategy for a professional sports team when all hope is lost. Is there a science to the art of the tank? 

  • Will Joe Paterno get his statue rebuilt? (+video)

    A recent poll finds that Pennsylvanians are in favor of reinstalling the statue of the late Penn State coach. Are his on-field accomplishments dwarfed by his reluctance to act when faced with a sexual abuse scandal? 

  • Why was Jackie Robinson West stripped of US title? (+video)

    Jackie Robinson West was a feel-good story from the 2014 Little League championship tournament, the first African-American team to win the title in a sport that typically struggles to attract black players. But league officials now say the team's coaches cheated. 

  • Who is Tom Brady giving his Super Bowl truck to? (+video)

    After leading the Patriots to their fourth Super Bowl championship and capturing a third Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady is giving away the big prize - a Chevy truck – that came with the award. Who gets the truck?

April 27, 2017

Photos of the day 04/27

Charity event competitor Tom Harrison, in a gorilla suit, is joined by 'Spiderman' Paul Martelletti, a local resident and former world record holder for quickest Marathon time in fancy dress, as he continues his crawl to raise money for the Gorilla Foundation during the London Marathon on Thursday. Harrison, on his fifth day...

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