Top 5 worst US cities for traffic

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1. Los Angeles, Calif.

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    Traffic is seen on the freeways in Los Angeles, Calif., in July 2007.
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While the TTI report shows that traffic in Los Angeles is getting "better," it is still by far the worst city for traffic in the nation. People spent 70 hours in traffic in 2007, down from 72 hours in 2006. The Huffington Post featured an article by a woman whose commute to her office was only 9.2 miles away, but it took her nearly an hour to get there. Kajon Cermak, Board Operator & Traffic Queen for All Things Considered on NPR, said of LA, "I don't think there is anything typical any more for Los Angeles freeways. What once was called rush hour, turned into rush hours, then that morphed into basically one long, non-stop, never ending rush to stop or so it seems." Forbes puts the worst bottleneck in Los Angeles on the Hollywood Freeway and at US 101 Northbound at Los Angeles St., and says the city has 85 hours a week of congestion. Nowhere in the US do people spend more time in traffic than they do in Los Angeles.

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