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Live blogging Mark Sanford's weird press conference

By Jimmy Orr / June 24, 2009

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is holding a press conference this afternoon to discuss his trip to Argentina. We're living blogging it here (or attempting to).




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Yesterday, President Obama said his smoking habit was an "interesting human interest story." Sorry, Mr. President. It doesn't hold a candle to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's Appalachian Trail Argentina trip. This is a real human interest story.

Republican or Democrat, supporter or opponent, Sanford's disappearing act is fascinating political theater. Weird? You bet. Fascinating? Of course. Inexplicable? Well maybe. Let's see what he says.

Sanford is holding a press conference this afternoon at 2:30pm to provide us some answers -- maybe. We're going to try live blogging it. We live blogged Rod Blagojevich's guest DJ stint a couple months ago and pulled it off. We'll try again today.

In the meantime, you can click here to read up on the latest. Thar's impeachment rumblings down thar in South Carolina. The Southern Political report writes, "...that some members of the South Carolina legislature are considering an effort to impeach Gov. Mark Sanford after revelations that he spent nearly a week in Argentina without disclosing where he was or providing means of communication."

Guest blogger

Gary Karr is with us today. Karr was former South Carolina Governor David Beasley's press secretary. Karr and I served as press secretaries for different governors at the same time. We go back to 1995. Karr has remained active in politics and still has close ties to the political scene in South Carolina.

Karr spent 12 years at the South Carolina state house as a reporter and as press secretary.


"South Carolina voters have generally liked Gov. Sanford more than political elites have, but it's hard to see how his 'catch me if you can' tour will help him," Karr said.

"When you lie to your staff and have them lie, have your wife not know where you are and you leave your sons on Father's Day ... well, let's just say it's not the best way to build political support," he continued.

Stay tuned....

UPDATE: We're live

Gary Karr on the beginning of the press conference: "Gee whiz did he not think about where he would start?"

Sanford is talking about his love of the Appalachian Trail (where he didn't go) and his frustrations over this past political season.

SANFORD: "I'm a bottom line type of guy. This is going to hurt. I want to apologize to my wife and my four kids."

KARR: Right thing to do right away -- say you're sorry to your wife and boys. That will be what South Carolinians want to hear.

ORR: Sanford is now apologizing to everyone. Wife, kids, staff, his friend Tom. Sanford's voice is cracking. His friend Tom Davis used to live in Sanford's basement.

KARR: I'm not sure I buy that he really cares about his staff, but it's nice to hear a public apology.

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