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Bachmann's campaign implodes -- anti-Americans run wild

By Jimmy Orr / October 21, 2008

Jake Turcotte


That sound you heard? It's the sound of Michelle Bachmann's campaign falling apart.

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The Washington Post's Chris Cizzilla summarizes it right in his blog entry today called, "Bachmann Goes Boom!"

Who is she?

Who is Michelle Bachmann? A Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota. She was in a relatively safe district. All signs were that she would win re-election. All she had to do was run out the clock.

Instead, she appeared on Chris Matthews' show "Hardball," which is the equivalent of running the ball when all you have to do is take a knee. She obviously does not know who Joe Piscarcik is.

Be cool

Matthews can get pointed on his program and may just egg you on -- wanting you to say something that will get repeated five billion times. But you don't have to acquiese. You don't have to give him a soundbite you'll regret. Or many soundbites you'll regret.

But in a pretty fair conversation (judge for yourself -- see video below) when the two were discussing Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers, Matthews said to Bachmann, "You believe Barack Obama may - because of this relationship - have anti-American views?"

"Absolutely. I'm very concerned that he [Obama] may have anti-American views," she said.

Digging deeper

But she didn't stop there.

Matthews asked her, "How many in the Congress of the United States do you think are anti-American? You already suspect Barack Obama -- is he alone or do you think there are others?"

You can't tell at this point if she knows she's already stepped in it. There doesn't appear to be a deer-in-the-headlights or as the saying goes this year, a moose-in-the-headlights reaction.

"The news media should do a penetrating expose ... on the views of the people in Congress and find out if they're pro-America or anti-America," she answered.


Her opponent Elwyn Tinklenberg was the immediate recipient of this interview raising more than $800,000 since that remark. That's Obama-like money.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Tinklenberg's fundraising efforts over the last few days have eclipsed the total amount of money he pulled into the campaign for the entirety of the third quarter.

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