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Five picks for Michele Bachmann campaign song, now that Tom Petty said no

'American Girl' is nixed, per rocker Tom Petty. Now what song will play when GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann walks onstage? Here are five possible alternatives.

By Staff writer / June 29, 2011

GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) of Minnesota speaks in Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday, June 29.

Andy Dunaway/AP


Rocker Tom Petty has torpedoed Michele Bachmann’s use of his “American Girl” as a theme song, if you haven’t heard. The newly declared GOP presidential candidate had been playing the piece when she walked onstage at public events.

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Petty’s management has sent the Bachmann campaign a cease-and-desist notice, according to Rolling Stone. Thus Ms. Bachmann joins the long list of Republican politicians angrily told “You Wreck Me” by liberal musicians who claim their music is being used against their will.

The band Heart objected when Sarah Palin used their “Barracuda” on stage at the 2008 GOP convention, for instance. John Mellencamp didn’t approve of John McCain using his “Our Country” in the 2008 campaign. (Senator McCain’s advisers perhaps did not know that Mellencamp played at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.)

And here’s a tip for politicians of all stripes: It might be best to stay away from Bruce Springsteen’s iconic “Born in the USA.” The Boss rebuked Ronald Reagan when the Gipper used it in 1984, and, really, the lyrics aren’t as upbeat as the tune suggests. Even for Democrats, “The Rising” might be a better choice – that’s what Springsteen played at President Obama’s inaugural.


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