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Daniel Schorr: His first Monitor story, from 1948

Daniel Schorr wrote his first article as a reporter for the Monitor in 1948, when he was hired to cover the Netherlands, after having worked at news agencies and contributed to other news outlets. This article from the International Court of Justice was a fulfillment of his ambition to be a foreign correspondent at the beginning of his journalism career.

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The organizations represented are Winston Churchill's United Europe Committee. Paul van Zee-land's Independent League for European Cooperation, Dr. Hen-drik Brugmans' European Union of Federalists. Edouard Herriot's French Council for the Unity of Europe, the Nouvelles Equipes Internationales, the European Parliamentary Union, and the World Liberal Movement.

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The delegates come from Bntain, France, the Low Countries, the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Italy, and Portugal. There will also be exiled Spanish representatives, including Salvador de Madariaga and Ortega y Gasset, and individuals from Bulgaria, Hungary. Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Greece, and western Germany.

Socialists Absent

Significantly absent are the European socialist parties, although many Socialists are attending as delegates of other organizations. A conference of socialists from 14 countries decided in Paris on April 25 to boycott the Hague meeting, but to use their influence for the establishment of a "United States of Europe."

This decision largely was influenced by the British Labor Party, which has no desire to be associated with the Churchill movement and has gone on record as stating that "the idea of European unity can only be saved from corruption by reactionary politicians if the socialists place themselves at the head of the movement for its realization."

Congress officials are sensitive about the "reactionary" tag which the socialists have tried to pin on the meeting. A secretariat spokesman said that "this will be neither a conservative - or Churchill - Congress nor a red federalists' meeting. We have endeavored to include representatives of both the left and right."

One of the tasks of the Congress will be to coordinate the plans of the unofficial movements for European unity with those of the European Parliamentary Union, which to hold a Congress in Interlaken, Switzerland, on Sept. 7 to draft a federal constitution for a "United States of Europe." The Union claims the backing of more than 1.700 members of 13 free parliaments.