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The grateful gardener

Many things to be grateful for in the garden.

By / November 13, 2008

Who says that gratitude has to be confined to the fourth Thursday in November? Not me. And not C.L. Fornari, whose post about what she's grateful for in the garden and beyond has had me humming "Come Ye Thankful People, Come" ever since.

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I sometimes make lists of what I'm grateful for. (They can really change your perspective!) So this morning, as the song kept running through my thoughts, I decided that I'd start a garden gratitude list and see how much I can add to it each day until Nov. 27.

My goal: at least five more things each day. Is 65 aiming too high or too low? We'll see. I would be delighted if you would join me.

1. I'm grateful that even though I live in a crowded urban environment, I have space to grow plants. Our row house has almost no ground, so I grow almost everything in containers -- from vines to fruits to roses. And I've learned that there's very little a gardener can't be successful with in pots if she really wants to.

2. I'm grateful for Boston's public and community gardens. Particularly the Public Garden, the Boston Common, and the Fenway Victory Gardens. They make living in the city a true pleasure.

3. I'm grateful for all the individuals and businesses in the city who beautify their surroundings. My husband and I love to walk, and as we stroll in different neighborhoods, these tiny front gardens and interesting containers of plants make us smile.

4. I'm grateful that growing your own vegetables has become popular again. Nothing can compare with the taste and feeling of satisfaction that you get from a home-grown tomato picked in your own backyard.

5. I'm grateful for those who are helping others through gardening. Programs such as City Harvest in Philadelphia and Plant a Row for the Hungry -- both of which help feed the less fortunate -- and  for all the people who unselfishly participate in them.

Added Friday, Nov. 14:
6. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to communicate through this blog. It's different from writing articles or books -- much more immediate and lots of fun. I've learned so much.

7. I'm grateful for all the visitors to this blog and the Monitor's gardening site, which I maintain. You're a wonderful bunch and I can't say enough nice things about you!

8. I'm grateful for the way the Internet makes it so much simpler than it used to be to research garden issuesand to locate hard-to-find plants. When I think how much time I used to spend trying to find a plant I saw in someone's garden -- and how easy it is now -- wow! the difference is amazing.

9. I'm grateful for personal computers. I well remember what it was like to write my garden articles on a typewriter. I bought one of the first IBM PCs in the early '80s-- and sold it later as an "antique"! For what I recall was 64 KB of memory, it cost about $2,000. What a difference between that primitive device and the laptops I use today and store all kinds of garden photos, videos, and audios on.

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