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  • Slow flower farming

    When a Dutch family immigrated to North Carolina just before World War II, they started a bulb and cut flower farm, Terra Ceia, that still endures today, practicing the joys of slow flower growing.

  • A closer look at the new Eyeconic roses

    The new Eyeconic roses have an interesting reddish blotch on each flower.

  • The rewards of winter gardening

    In many regions, winter isn't a dead time in the garden. This gardener sees many joys and rewards in the winter garden.

September 15, 2014

Photos of the Day 09/15

Members of Ukrainian police special task force 'Sich' take part in a drill at their base in Slaviansk. Fighting broke out again in Ukraine's rebel-held city of Donetsk as President Petro Poroshenko prepared to unveil a risky plan to give the separatist-minded east 'special status' in a bid to end a conflict that has killed ov...

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