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A Nordic feast of spring in 'Noma'

Chef René Redzepi strives to revive and reinvent the distinctive tastes of Nordic cuisine through his restaurant 'Noma' and cookbook of the same name.

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Ed Blomquist is a Monitor contributor.

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(see page 2 for Noma's "Dessert of Flowers" recipe)

Dessert of Flowers
Adapted from Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine (October 4, 2010 $49.95) Phaidon Press,
Serves 4

Note: This recipe requires advanced techniques, accurate measurements using the metric system, specialist equipment and professional experience to achieve good results.


Elderflower Mousse

130g double (heavy) or whipping cream
80g egg whites
4g gelatin
75g elderflower cordial (syrup)
16g sugar
200g skyr*

Rose Hip Meringue

75g pickled rose hips
50g sugar
45g water
3g egg white powder
3g gelatin
1g salt

Violet Syrup

22g sugar
75g water
1 drop violet essence

Thyme Fluid Gel

19g sugar
125g water
2g thyme
0.25g agar-agar**
5g instant food thickener

Skyr Sorbet

1 sheet gelatin
300g water
170g sugar
42g glucose
290g skyr
25g lemon juice

For Serving

Any fresh flowers in season.

*Skyr is a mildly sour-tasting milk product, similar to strained yogurt, although technically a very soft cheese. It is popular in Iceland and Denmark.

**Agar-Agar is a gelling agent derived from seaweed, which retains its gelling properties up to a temperature of 80 degrees C. (176 degrees F.).


Elderflower Mousse

Whip the cream and the egg whites in separate bowls. Bloom the gelatin and dissolve it in a small amount of the cordial by heating it up with the sugar. Mix the cordial and the gelatin into the skyr, and fold the cream and the egg whites into it. Cut a sheet of acetate into pieces approximately 8x4 cm and roll into tubes. Pipe the mousse into the tubes and freeze.

Rose Hip Meringue

Blend the rose hips to make a concentrate. Heat the sugar and water in a pan to 121 degrees C. (250 degrees F.). Lightly whisk the egg whites and add the caramel slowly to make an Italian meringue. Bloom the gelatin and add before the meringue base gets cold. Add the concentrate and the salt and pipe the meringues in small dots. Dry at 55 degrees Cs (130 degrees F.) for 12 hours in a dehydrator.

Violet Syrup

Bring the sugar and water to a boil, then cool. Add the essence and keep in a squeezy bottle.

Thyme Fluid Gel

Bring the sugar and water to a boil in a pan to make a syrup, then cool. Blanch the thyme and refresh it in cold water. Blend the syrup with the thyme for 1 minute at full speed and strain. Whisk the agar-agar into the liquid and bring it to a boil. When cold, blend it with a stick blender and add the instant food thickener.

Skyr Sorbet

Bloom the gelatin. Warm the water, sugar and glucose and add the gelatin. Mix the rest of the ingredients and pour into Paco containers*.


Pick all the flowers off their stems and put into ice water. Dry them and keep on dry paper.

To Serve

Put the plates in the freezer to get very cold. Remove the frozen mousse from the acetate tubes and let it temper to around 5˚C (41˚F) on a cold plate. Dot a little of the fluid gel and the syrup around the plates and cover it with meringues. Process the sorbet, make into quenelles and place a quenelle next to the mousse on each plate.

*Paco Containers are the receptacles used with a Pacojet, a machine used to make sorbets with a very fine texture.

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