All Stir It Up!

  • Nutella-swirled chocolate chip blondies

    Who doesn't love Nutella swirled into baked goods? The only way to improve this simple delicious recipe would be to double it.

  • Scottish independence: A thistle on every shortbread cookie

    Scotland decides today if it will be a nation independent of Great Britain. Politics aside, Scottish culture – from tartan plaid, to Robert Burns, to Scottish shortbread – has fed imaginations worldwide for centuries.

  • Kale turkey meatballs

    Top these meatballs with a simple tomato sauce and add your favorite pasta, or do something different, and use them in pitas with veggies and yogurt sauce for a Mediterranean take.

  • Kale chips 8 ways

    Kale chips are great with just olive oil and sea salt, but new and exciting seasonings make them even better. Try seasoning them with garlic and onion jam, maple balsamic vinegar, or an experimental flavor combination of your own.

  • Rustic peach tart

    With the early crisp days of fall, a luscious, warm peach tart is a perfect start to baking days in the kitchen.

  • Tomato and Swiss chard pie

    Need more help with ideas for using up those garden tomatoes? Check out these tips for Roma, cherry, and beefsteak varieties, plus a recipe for a tomato and Swiss chard pie.

  • Yellow squash soup

    Creamy and delicious, this smooth squash soup is among the first of the autumn soups, enjoying the last of the summer squash harvest.

  • Grilled chicken with lemon sage butter

    Chicken is basted with butter, lemon juice and fresh sage, then cooked using both direct and indirect grilling.

  • Baked ziti with Italian sausage

    Celebrate the first back-to-school days with this delicious, cheesy baked ziti. It's a make-ahead recipe from America's Test Kitchen and will help keep things easy when everyone gets home for dinner.

  • Quinoa-stuffed peppers with corn, feta, and herbs

    Stuffed peppers are the perfect solution for a quick weeknight meal. They also make a colorful dish to serve to guests for lunch or dinner.

  • Cauliflower with pears, pistachios and eggs

    Cauliflower is sautéed with pistachios, ham, sage, and pears, then topped with a fried egg for dinner. Add or subtract various ingredients and you’ve got a side, a vegan meal, or a pasta dish.

  • Savory tart two ways: Tomato and goat cheese or asparagus and mushroom

    A savory tart paired with a fresh salad makes a great end-of-summer dinner. Start with a basic tart dough and then choose your favorite topping option.

  • White chocolate snickerdoodle blondies

    This blondie strikes gold, it has all the goodness of a snickerdoodle cookie but with the ease of making into a bar cookie and delivers for white chocolate lovers, too. 

  • The easier, cheaper way to make air-popped popcorn

    Did you know you can make air-popped corn in the microwave with nothing but dried corn and a small paper bag? No frying oil required. Try this simple trick and make easy lunch box additions, after school snacks, and movie night popcorn in minutes.

  • Rustic roasted tomatoes

    Now that the chipmunks have had their fill, beautiful, large tomatoes from the garden are ready for oven-roasting and storing for future use.

  • Fresh herb field peas

    Fresh field peas get a boost in flavor from summer herbs. For added flavor, add a few strips of bacon to your herb packet and then simmer with the peas to make an aromatic side dish.

  • Chocolate zucchini cake

    For those of you fortunate to be near a farmers’ market, or even better with an overflowing garden of your own, use up the abundance of zucchini with this decadent chocolate zucchini cake.

  • Garden cooking: Linguine with tomatoes, ricotta and basil

    Tomatoes and basil from the garden (or the farmers market) combine with ricotta cheese and linguine for a quick, creamy vegetarian dinner.

  • Slather that grilled corn with sriracha-lime-honey mayonnaise

    Grill the freshest corn you can find, and dress it up with creamy mayo, zesty lime, sweet honey, spicy sriracha, and salty cheese, to take the sweet, slightly nutty, lightly charred, juicy corn kernels to a whole new level.

  • Grilled coconut kale

    It may sound strange, but grilled kale is delicious! Pair it with spiced rice and a seafood main course for a light and simple dinner.