All Stir It Up!

  • Chocolate zucchini cake

    For those of you fortunate to be near a farmers’ market, or even better with an overflowing garden of your own, use up the abundance of zucchini with this decadent chocolate zucchini cake.

  • Garden cooking: Linguine with tomatoes, ricotta and basil

    Tomatoes and basil from the garden (or the farmers market) combine with ricotta cheese and linguine for a quick, creamy vegetarian dinner.

  • Slather that grilled corn with sriracha-lime-honey mayonnaise

    Grill the freshest corn you can find, and dress it up with creamy mayo, zesty lime, sweet honey, spicy sriracha, and salty cheese, to take the sweet, slightly nutty, lightly charred, juicy corn kernels to a whole new level.

  • Grilled coconut kale

    It may sound strange, but grilled kale is delicious! Pair it with spiced rice and a seafood main course for a light and simple dinner.

  • Mediterranean chickpea salad (balela)

    Delicious bean salad with Greek flavors is a snap to make and good for you, too.

  • Coconut cream Bundt cake

    A boxed cake mix doctored up with sour cream and coconut pudding makes short work of this coconut Bundt cake. Topped with toasted coconut, this cake has a nice variety of textures.

  • Stir-fried masala fish and okra

    White-fleshed fish and okra are quickly stir-fried with garam masala, cumin seeds, and other spices, then served over rice with coconut milk and cumin for a big-flavored, slightly spicy meal.

  • Tomatoes stuffed with summer squash

    This summer stuff all those bright tomatoes with a summer squash, onion, and cheese filling. These beauties make a great addition to a veggie plate, or a side for a meatier meal.

  • Light peach cobbler

    One crust and using less sugar make this traditional dessert lighter and showcases the fresh taste of peaches instead of the pastry.

  • The simple pleasure of a summer salad

    A refreshing summer lunch is just minutes away. Rip up some lettuce, chop a few veggies, and top with quality cheese and oil and vinegar, no recipe or instructions are needed for this garden salad. 

  • Portugese egg tarts (pasteis de nata)

    Convents and monasteries in 19th-century Portugal used large quantities of egg whites for starching nuns’ habits and monks’ cassocks and the leftover egg yolks were turned into cakes and pastries, such as Lisbon's world famous pastéis de natas.

  • Yellow tomato gazpacho with head-on shrimp

    Blend yellow tomatoes and peppers with olive oil and spices for this simple summer gazpacho. Garnish with nuts, chives, radishes, and grapes for a sophisticated finish.

  • Bakery style peanut butter cookies

    These cookies will knock the socks off any peanut butter-lover. If you can't do peanut butter without chocolate, top each cookie dough ball with chopped peanut butter cups or add some chocolate chips to the dough.

  • Cherry tomatoes in cream

    Tomato season is finally here! Pair this bright, summery side dish with a grilled steak or fish fillet. 

  • Hainanese chicken with rice

    By using both the meat and the stock from the bird, this chicken and rice dish is especially flavorful. The freshness of the vegetables adds a great summer crunch!

  • Shashlik – grilled lamb kebabs

    This Russian interpretation of lamb kebabs incorporates zucchini, tomatoes, red onions, and an array of spices. Delicious alone, with rice or salad, or wrapped in pita!

  • Miso chive butter

    The fifth taste sensation, umami, with its 'pleasant savory taste' comes through perfectly in this delicious butter. It pairs well with steak, as it is in this recipe, but can complement any dish in need of some nuanced flavor.

  • Farmers' market vegetable tart

    Using local ingredients gives this tart a homegrown feel, especially with the many vegetable and cheese options available from summer farmers' markets. The Parmesan and thyme in the crust are the perfect complement to the fresh flavors of the vegetables. 

  • Russian blueberry pancakes

    Russian blueberry pancakes made with kefir add a tangy taste to the batter similar to buttermilk pancakes.

  • Salmorejo: chilled Spanish tomato soup

    This recipe includes soaking the ingredients which mellows the soup, cutting the bite of the onions and garlic and softening the tomato skins. The soaked bread is a simple thickener often found in Mediterranean dishes.