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2009 Gift Guide

Monitor picks for TV, movies, music, and games.

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Unless you've been hiding under the bed for the past four months, you've probably heard that all the Fab Four's albums have been remastered and repackaged – available in either mono or stereo versions. The cleaned-up sound is clear and bright and the bass and drums sound beefier than before. There's more separation between the various Beatles' voices, which makes it great fun to listen and sing along. And each repackaged CD contains a DVD chronicling the making of that particular album, with photos, interviews, and film clips of the original sessions.

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Wii The Beatles: Rock Band ($277.49) Buy on

The Fab Four finally steps into the video-game age with Beatles: Rock Band (available on all major platforms). Since the game is aimed at boomer nostalgia, the game play is pretty simple – "strum" the guitar, hit the drums, or sing along, following the color guides on the screen. The more correct notes you hit, the more points you get. The guitars and drums are wireless, which allows for stage theatrics, so this is a fun way to share some of the greatest pop songs of all time – and even work up a sweat.

ELECTRONIC/MISC. Peterson Bird ID Ringtones Buy on

So when your cellphone rings, your mom's a loon and your dad's a duck, but what if you want your brother to be a screech owl or a sharp-shinned hawk? and Peterson Field Guide have come together to solve your avian cellphone issues with seven collections of more than 80 bird calls. Let your cellphone sing out as you choose from one of these bird categories: extreme (wacky), favorite forest (haunting), prairie and marsh (medley), water's edge (honking), Canadian (wild), popular backyard (familiar), and songbirds (pretty). For iPhones, it's 99 cents for a call. For other phones it is $2.99 each.

Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board ($99.99) Buy on

Rhythm kung fu, skateboard, tight-rope walking, hula hoop, yoga, and a special new feature, "Weigh Your Cats and Dogs" – these are just a few of the enhanced activities in the new iteration of the popular Nintendo Fit franchise for the Wii Fit Plus. With 15 new activities and a new ability to mix, match, and customize every level of activity, this in-home training game provides all the motivation of an occasionally rude but always energetic coach.

Written by Laurent Belsie, Gloria Goodale, Stephen Humphries, Dan Murphy, Gregory M. Lamb, John Kehe, Marjorie Kehe, Jimmy Orr, and Daniel Sean Wood.