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Photos of the Day

Photos of the day

04.13.10 »

Soldiers fire a 155mm Howitzer at night from Forward Operating Base Ramrod in Kandahar on April 13. (Tim Wimborne/Reuters)

Photos of the day

04.13.11 »

A child gets water splashed during Thai New Year celebrations in Prachinburi, east of Bangkok. (Wason Wanichakorn/AP)

Photos of the day

04.13.12 »

A visitor looks at a work by South Korean artist Kang Hyung-Koo at China International Gallery Exposition 2012 in Beijing. (Jason Lee/Reuters)

The wreckage of a crashed Lion Air plane sits on the water near the airport in Bali, Indonesia. The plane carrying more than 100 passengers and crew overshot a runway on the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Saturday and crashed into the sea, injuring nearly two dozen people. ( Indonesian Police/AP)

Photos of the day 04/13

Photos of the day

04.12.10 »

On April 12, a 'red shirt' protester takes a photo of where a bullet hit the windshield of a vehicle during clashes on Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand. (Eric Gaillard/Retuers)

Photos of the day

04.12.11 »

Spectators watch fireworks organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic space flight, in Moscow's Victory Park. (Nikolay Korchekov/Reuters)

Photos of the day

04.12.12 »

A worker uses the tapping process to separate nickel ore from other elements at the nickel processing plant owned by PT Vale Indonesia, Tbk in Sorowako, in Indonesia's South Sulawesi. (Yusuf Ahmad/Reuters)

Cast member Charlie Sheen kisses co-star Lindsay Lohan on the cheek as they pose at the premiere of their new movie 'Scary Movie 5' in Hollywood. (Fred Prouser/Reuters)

Photos of the day 04/12

Photos of the day

04.11.11 »

The Boeoegg, a snowman made of wadding and filled with firecrackers, explodes atop a bonfire in Sechselaeuten Square in Zurich,Switzerland. As the bells of St. Peter's church chime six o'clock, the bonfire below the 'Boeoegg' is set alight and mounted guildsmen gallop around the pyre to the tune of the Sechselaeuten March. The faster the head of the 'Boeoegg' – the symbol of winter – catches fire and explodes, the warmer and more beautiful the summer will be. (Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters)

Photos of the day

04.11.12 »

German electronic music band Kraftwerk perform their song 'The Robots' during the Kraftwerk- Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 performance at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. (Jason Szenes/Reuters)