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iPhone 4S adds better camera, voice commands, many other sweeteners

iPhone 4S fills in many of the holes that left Apple's line vulnerable to the competition. However, the iPhone 4S adds few truly new features.

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“Compose and dictate email right to Siri," Mr. Forstall said on stage. "Set timers. Look up contacts, create notes, search the web, search Wikipedia."

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Apple spent a significant amount of time introducing Siri, which is curious since the service will come on the iPhone 4S as a beta. Apple has not – at least within recent memory – allotted so much of its keynote time to a feature that will arrive unfinished. The Apple brand usually stands for well-crafted precision, or at least the appearance of such.

Perhaps this marks a new, more experimental Apple. After all, the company's new chief executive, Tim Cook, presided over Tuesday's event for the first time. His presentation felt Jobsian, if a little cooler and more understated. Otherwise, the event seemed thoroughly "Apple."

Or, perhaps this shows that Apple recognizes it needs to play a little catch up.

Sure, the iPhone is the most popular phone in the world – and for good reason. Apple has crammed its svelte hardware with numerous clever, elegant, and revolutionary innovations. Still, Android is the world's most popular phone operating system – again, for good reason. Android phones come in every size, shape, and personality.

If you want a bigger screen, the Samsung Infuse stands a full diagonal-inch taller than the iPhone. If you want a better camera, several Android phones already offer an 8 megapixel option. If you want voice commands, Google baked in dictation and controls long ago. And if you want a new phone off-season, new Android devices come out all the time, not once a year like the iPhone.

Apple did pull ahead of Android in some ways. The iPhone 4S camera can reportedly snap two photos before some Android devices have even taken one. Siri seems more capable than what Google currently offers – we'll see for sure when Apple releases review units. And we didn't even mention the designer card service, real-time video image stabilization at 1080p, and iOS 5's iMessage.

The iPhone 4S is no doubt the most powerful iPhone to date, but with such strong competition nipping at Apple's heels, the iPhone 4S is not the most tempting iPhone to date.

Maybe we'll get a true "iPhone 5" next year.

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