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No damage reported in Los Angeles earthquake

An early morning earthquake struck Los Angeles awakening residents but causing no apparent damage.

By Mary MilikenReuters / March 16, 2010

Registering a magnitude 4.4, an early morning earthquake did not cause any readily apparent damage to Los Angeles officials say.



Los Angeles

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck near Los Angeles on Tuesday, awakening residents but causing no apparent damage in the second largest U.S. city, the U.S. Geological Survey and witnesses said.

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Police at the epicenter of Pico Rivera, 11 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles, said there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage from the light quake.

It hit at 4:04 a.m. local time and lasted a few seconds, rousing many from their beds and prompting local television stations to issue bulletins. The quake was at a depth of nearly 11 miles on the Whittier fault.

Home to 10 million people, Los Angeles County had its last strong earthquake in Northridge in 1994, which killed some 60 people.

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