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  • Keystone XL: Don't count it out yet

    Keystone XL vote failed in the Senate yesterday, but Republicans are promising they'll pass the bill early next year when they assume control of the Senate. Keystone XL has shown Democratic divisions, pitting environmentalists against energy advocates.

  • Hyundai, Kia gas mileage penalty totals $100 million

    Carmakers Hyundai and Kia are fined $100 million for overstating gas mileage figures on window stickers for 1.2 million vehicles. The Hyundai Kia gas mileage penalty is the first under new rules aimed at limiting the amount of heat-trapping gases cars are allowed to emit.

  • South Africa anti-poaching sting uncovers rhino horns

    A South Africa anti-poaching operation resulted in the confiscation of 90 pounds of rhino horn, officials said Saturday. Two suspects were arrested in the South Africa anti-poaching sting.

  • UN climate change report: Do we need another one? (+video)

    The United Nations issued its fifth climate change report Sunday, affirming with 95 percent certainty that humans are responsible for global warming. But now some outside and within the UN are wondering if it makes sense to embark on another mammoth climate change report.

November 23, 2014

Photos of the weekend

Fascists and far right supporters rise their right arm saluting as they remember former Spanish Dictator Francisco Franco on the 39th anniversary of his death, in Madrid, Spain, Sunday.

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