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  • Can OPEC but the brakes on falling oil prices?


    A coordinated cut in oil output by OPEC members could stop and possibly reverse what has been a 32 percent decline in oil prices over five months. But many analysts think OPEC won't agree to a cut, which could send oil prices falling further.

  • Stricter smog standards coming soon, say sources

    The current smog standard is 75 parts per billion. In 2010, the EPA proposed tightening the standard to 60 to 70 parts per billion. AP sources say Obama will propose 65 to 70 parts per billion Wednesday, though EPA science advisers had endorsed a standard of 60 parts per billion.

  • Keystone XL: Don't count it out yet

    Keystone XL vote failed in the Senate yesterday, but Republicans are promising they'll pass the bill early next year when they assume control of the Senate. Keystone XL has shown Democratic divisions, pitting environmentalists against energy advocates.

  • Japan whale quota: Hunting resumes despite ruling

    Japan whale quota calls for hunting 333 minke whales, down from some 900 in previous whale quotas. The announcement comes despite an international court ruling that said previous Japan whale hunts were illegal.

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