People, planet, and the path ahead
  • Buzzworthy: How you can help America's pollinators

    The mysterious disappearance of honeybees known as colony collapse disorder no longer is the threat that it once was. But bees of all stripes still need a little help.

  • Clash over Bears Ears tests years of progress on Native spirituality

    To Native Americans, Bears Ears National Monument is more than a national park, it is holy ground connecting them to their ancestors and the spiritual realm.

  • Inhabit newsletter A milestone year for renewable energy

    In this edition: Solar and wind expand globally even with less money being spent on them; California farmers adapting to new weather extremes; river cleanups and the residents who live nearby.

  • Cover Story Appalachia's new trail: finding life after coal

    Towns in impoverished eastern Kentucky, backed by private money, strive to build a post-coal entrepreneurial economy.

  • 'More for less': Renewable power surges into mainstream as costs fall

    Investors in renewable sources of electricity generation are increasingly getting more bang for their buck, according to a UN-backed report.

  • Focus California's conservative farmers tackle climate change, in their own way

    As California transitions from devastating drought into one of the wettest periods in decades, farmers are seeking new ways to protect their fields from whipsaw weather extremes.

  • Environment As rivers get cleanups, can city residents still afford to live nearby?

    The Los Angeles River and Washington's Anacostia River could become tests of how well communities can balance new development with opportunities for longstanding residents.

  • Climate Solutions Courts now at front line in battles over climate change

    As governments make commitments on emissions – or fail to do so – questions of follow-through increasingly lands in court. Vienna's airport is a case in point.

  • Energy Why Trump rollback of Obama climate policies could be a long slog

    President Trump signed an "Energy Independence" executive order at the EPA Tuesday. He wants to scrap the Clean Power Plan, which calls on states to reduce electric-utility emissions that scientists say are changing Earth’s climate.

  • Environment Is the end in sight for the Flint water crisis? (+video)

    A new settlement would require the state to replace 18,000 water lines linked to the lead contamination of Flint's drinking water, at a cost of at least $87 million.

Climate Science In a time of division, could science find a way to unite?

At an annual gathering, concerned scientists discuss how to navigate distrust and make science for everyone.

  • Inhabit newsletter Is Trump pulling the plug on electric cars?

    In this edition: As government revisits gas-mileage targets, it'll test carmaker commitment to cleaner vehicles; science funding slashed in Trump budget proposal; why solar panels bloom in the land of hydropower.

  • Climate Science Climate science slashed in Trump budget. Why does that matter?

    America has a history of funding basic science at the federal level, on the notion that it pays off for society. The Trump budget challenges that view – including on climate research. 

  • Climate Solutions Trump mileage policy could put carmaker innovation at risk

    The Trump administration will revisit an Obama-era target of 54.5 miles per gallon for US vehicles. It could be a test case of how the private sector responds when federal clean-economy rules retreat.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations Why solar panels bloom in Southwest's land of hydropower

    Electric utilities are seeking a new power mix, as shifts in precipitation diminish the role that dams have long played for western states.

  • Inhabit newsletter A market-based answer on water supply

    In this edition: A water-management idea that could help farms, cities, and ecosystems; potatoes on Mars; clean energy momentum, despite Trump.

  • Climate Solutions Clean energy has momentum, despite Trump's brush-off

    President Trump is expected to issue an executive order to dismantle an Obama administration Clean Power Plan. But experts say that alone won't dictate what states and businesses do.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations How water swaps help the West manage a precious resource

    Water markets are in many ways in their infancy. But the idea is a big one, potentially helping water flow to where it's most useful, and maintaining both farms and ecosystems.

  • Inhabit newsletter The Republican shift on climate change since George W. Bush

    In this edition: Behind looming budget cuts at the EPA, a changed GOP; China positioning itself as a global leader on climate action; How climate affects the weather.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations America's biggest water users – farmers – learn to use less of it

    In the Southwest and beyond, irrigation technology and other steps such as planting 'cover crops' to enrich the soil are making a difference.

  • Climate Science How climate influences weather: six questions

    From extreme rains in some places to early spring in others, weather events prompt questions about what role climate change may be playing.