People, planet, and the path ahead
  • Energy Why Trump rollback of Obama climate policies could be a long slog

    President Trump signed an "Energy Independence" executive order at the EPA Tuesday. He wants to scrap the Clean Power Plan, which calls on states to reduce electric-utility emissions that scientists say are changing Earth’s climate.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations For water users on Colorado River, a mind-set of shared sacrifice

    A wet winter is easing water strains in the Southwest, but the longer-term outlook is generally hotter and drier. States now have that in mind in water bargaining.

  • Inhabit newsletter Decoupling the world economy from fossil fuels

    In this edition: Carbon emissions stay flat for three years, yet global economy grows; a Cheerios-led effort to save bees; could a Moore's Law for carbon halt climate change?

  • Climate Solutions Hopeful combo: World economy grows, carbon emissions stay flat

    For three years running, global carbon dioxide emissions have been essentially flat, a survey finds. It hints at the potential for 'decoupling' economic growth from burning fossil fuels.

  • Climate Solutions Could a Moore's Law for carbon emissions halt climate change?

    By halving global carbon emissions each decade, humanity could attain nearly net-zero emissions by 2050, according to new research 

  • Species and Ecosystems The Cheerios bee rescue: Can corporations help save pollinators?

    Many bee species have been on the decline for decades, but a new promotion from Cheerios hopes to raise awareness of their plight.

  • Inhabit newsletter Is Trump pulling the plug on electric cars?

    In this edition: As government revisits gas-mileage targets, it'll test carmaker commitment to cleaner vehicles; science funding slashed in Trump budget proposal; why solar panels bloom in the land of hydropower.

  • Climate Science Climate science slashed in Trump budget. Why does that matter?

    America has a history of funding basic science at the federal level, on the notion that it pays off for society. The Trump budget challenges that view – including on climate research. 

  • Climate Solutions Trump mileage policy could put carmaker innovation at risk

    The Trump administration will revisit an Obama-era target of 54.5 miles per gallon for US vehicles. It could be a test case of how the private sector responds when federal clean-economy rules retreat.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations Why solar panels bloom in Southwest's land of hydropower

    Electric utilities are seeking a new power mix, as shifts in precipitation diminish the role that dams have long played for western states.

Climate Science In a time of division, could science find a way to unite?

At an annual gathering, concerned scientists discuss how to navigate distrust and make science for everyone.

  • Inhabit newsletter The Republican shift on climate change since George W. Bush

    In this edition: Behind looming budget cuts at the EPA, a changed GOP; China positioning itself as a global leader on climate action; How climate affects the weather.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations America's biggest water users – farmers – learn to use less of it

    In the Southwest and beyond, irrigation technology and other steps such as planting 'cover crops' to enrich the soil are making a difference.

  • Climate Science How climate influences weather: six questions

    From extreme rains in some places to early spring in others, weather events prompt questions about what role climate change may be playing.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations In arid Southwest, cities expand but use less water

    Phoenix reduced its residential water consumption in the past decade despite a 23 percent rise in population. Las Vegas recycles water from indoor drains and outdoor fountains.

  • Inhabit newsletter How the West is adapting for a drier future

    In this edition: Climate change prompts adaptation in the Colorado River basin; how a map and an app might help bees; can science be unifying?

  • Environment Why the EPA faces big cuts under Trump budget proposal

    Environmental issues have become more polarized even since the years of George W. Bush. One factor: The stakes for both parties surrounding climate change have risen.

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations West's challenge is still water scarcity, wet winter or not

    With climate change affecting water supplies already strained by urban growth, states in the Colorado River basin are being forced to innovate and adapt.

  • Inhabit newsletter In Africa, how trees can help both climate and incomes

    In this edition: Morocco's lessons on climate-smart agriculture; managing dams gets tougher as more precipitation falls as rain not snow; the great bird count.

  • Inhabit newsletter Solar power, even if you don't have a roof of your own

    In this edition: Community-size projects aim to democratize solar energy; big-name Republicans push 'carbon dividends' for all; man-made pollinators. 

  • Climate Impacts and Adaptations An Oroville message: As climate shifts, so will water strategies

    Safety concerns at the Oroville Dam center on engineering and maintenance. But dams also face new challenges in managing water in an era when rains can be heavier, and less precipitation is falling as snow. 


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