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  • Energy Voices Was Climate Week successful? [Recharge]

    Climate Week had no shortage of speeches, pledges, and marches, but left little in the way of concrete global action on climate change. Catch up on the highlights from the march, the UN Climate Summit, and the rest of last week's events with a special Recharge on Climate Week.

  • Energy Voices Climate Week is ending. What next?

    A week of climate-themed events, public demonstrations, and diplomatic speeches on clean energy is coming to a close. What did the world accomplish on energy and climate this week, and what comes next?

  • Energy Voices It's Climate Week. Where are Republicans?

    Republicans remained largely silent following President Obama's UN Climate Summit speech Tuesday, which urged international cooperation to address climate change. The GOP largely criticizes the president's environment and energy policies, but is there an opening for bipartisanship on renewable energy and climate adaptation?

  • Energy Voices UN Climate Summit: Lots of talk, little action

    As the traditional UN pathway to an agreement on climate change has proven intractable and largely ineffective, the climate movement has grown louder and more aggressive, Cunningham writes. But can history offer a lesson in forging a global compact on energy and environment issues?  

  • Energy Voices Amid Ukraine crisis, Russia sanctions force exodus of Western energy (+video)

    Western sanctions on Russia are forcing international energy firms to rethink or even suspend plans for oil and gas projects in Russia. The most recent round of sanctions over the Ukraine crisis also severely limits Russian energy companies’ access to Western financing and technology in support of developing energy resources.

September 29, 2014

Photos of the Day 09/29

Surfer Dog Tillman rides a wave at the Surf City surf dog contest in Huntington Beach, California.

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