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  • The EU's other 'Union': Can energy unite Europe?

    For the European Union's Energy Union to work, Brussels must convince member states to support a durable European solution to their energy challenges, writes Kristine Berzina of the German Marshall Fund – even if that means putting up with EU bureaucracy.

  • Why oil prices will inevitably rise

    Analyzing the short-term trajectory of oil prices is certainly important, Cunningham writes, but it obscures the fact that over the long-term, oil exploration companies may struggle to bring new sources of supply online.

  • After fiery West Virginia train derailment, is oil by rail safe? (+video)

    Monday's derailment in West Virginia is the latest in a string of crude oil train mishaps that have resulted in explosions and sometimes fatalities. US shipments of crude by rail have jumped more than 4,000 percent since 2008, fueling calls for tighter safety rules.

  • BP's two-word fix for global climate change

    Oil supermajor BP says global carbon emissions will continue to rise well above what most scientists regard as safe levels in the years to come. While there's no silver-bullet solution to the threat of climate change, the company endorses one specific policy as a way to guide efforts.

  • Libya oil output tumbles amid regional violence

    The spiral of violence in Libya shows no indication of letting up, suggesting things could get much worse before they get better. That lowers the chances that Libya will be able to turn its oil fortunes around.

  • How much does the US spend on energy research? Not a lot.

    US funding for energy research development and demonstration is detrimentally modest, according to a new report. Here's how the US spends the roughly $5 billion it allocates to energy research each year.

  • Could oil prices fall again?

    There's a chance that the recent rebound in oil prices is only temporary. Several trends are conspiring to force oil prices down for a second time.

  • OPEC mulls emergency meeting amid low oil prices

    Some OPEC members, concerned about the economic impact of low oil prices, say the cartel may have to call an emergency meeting sooner rather than later. But Saudi Arabia, the most influential member, is likely to veto such an idea.

March 6, 2015

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Male women's rights activists in Kabul pose for the media Thursday wearing burqas to show their solidarity to Afghan women ahead of International Women's Day. Burqas for many people worldwide have come to symbolize the suppression of women.

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