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  • Low oil prices spur drive to scrap fuel subsidies

    The last six months of plunging oil prices has given many developing countries a window of opportunity to scrap fuel subsidies. This move has attracted opposition from consumers but it could have significant benefits over the long-term.

  • Kuwait oil chief: Get used to low oil prices

    Oil prices will stay at $64 per barrel for six or seven months unless OPEC changes its production policy or the global economy recovers, according to the chief executive of Kuwait's state-run oil company.

  • OPEC of the West? North America eyes stronger energy ties

    The US, Canada, and Mexico look to bolster a North American energy boom that has redefined global fuel flows. But oil prices continue to plunge, threatening to curtail the expensive kinds of oil and gas that have prevailed across the continent.

  • Abandoned Chevron gas project deals blow to Ukraine energy

    Chevron's move to pull out of a $10 billion gas deal in Ukraine is only the latest in a series of investment setbacks resulting in much less certainty for Ukraine's energy security. 

  • The high price of cheap oil

    Declining oil prices are supposed to have a balanced ledger of winners and losers, Cobb writes. But we may be on our way to finding out that in the long run we will have a much larger list of losers than winners.

  • Low oil prices mean cheap airfare, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

    Oil prices continue to plummet, leading to all sorts of economic boosts for consumers. But the drop in oil prices has yet to benefit air passengers, who may or may not see lower airfare in the coming year.

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