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  • China, Vietnam at odds over oil in South China Sea

    Tensions between China and Vietnam over oil in the South China Sea continue to escalate. The two sides are fighting over control of the Paracel Islands, Cunningham writes, but the problem is that China’s claim to territory in the South China Sea has no basis in international law.

  • Obama gives White House solar panels (another) moment in the sun (+video)

    White House solar panels are back at the First Family's residence, the Obama administration announced Friday. The White House solar panels cap off the Obama administration's week of energy and climate change initiatives, aimed at raising public awareness of the threats posed by carbon emissions.  

  • EIA: Gulf oil set for a comeback

    Much of the US oil boom story has been about the inland shale basins in Texas and North Dakota, but the Gulf of Mexico is showing renewed promise as more platforms come online.

  • Keystone XL: Will Obama use the NAFTA option?

    If President Obama fails to approve the Keystone XL pipeline soon or rejects it outright, the Canadians may challenge the delay or rejection under the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Cobb writes. This move opens up a politically attractive option on Keystone XL. 

  • US climate change report: What lies ahead for your region?

    The 2014 US National Climate Assessment takes stock of human-triggered climate change thus far – and looks ahead to what may be coming later this century. Effects vary widely region to region. Check out what the report says about yours.

  • Elevated CO2 robs crops of nutrients, say scientists

    Thanks to rising carbon dioxide levels, wheat, rice, and soybeans could have lower levels of zinc and iron in the future, according to new research.

  • How Brazil's oil boom went bust

    Once touted as the next oil superpower, Brazil's oil production has flattened out entirely, due in part to mismanagement and allegations of corruption. 

  • No region of US untouched by climate change, but effects vary, report finds (+video)

    Climate change is already affecting all regions of the US and their economies, states a report prepared by the Obama administration for Congress. Effects will intensify absent more vigorous efforts to cut greenhouse gases, it adds.

  • Gas prices: What to expect for Memorial Day

    Gas prices were up in April on the Ukraine crisis and refinery maintenance, but that should change as Memorial Day approaches, according to AAA. Gasoline production is projected to outpace demand, which will put downward pressure on gas prices.

  • Climate change report: How to keep lights on when water is scarce (+video)

    Climate change poses threats to the extraction, production, and distribution of energy across the US, according to a new climate-change report from the Obama administration. Much of the challenge for the energy industry revolves around its reliance on water for cooling and production needs. 

  • US looks at climate change at local and regional levels

    The US National Climate Assessment details how climate changes are influencing health, infrastructure, water supply, agriculture and may be resulting in more frequent severe weather such as floods and droughts.

  • Solar power breakthrough hints at cheaper panels for more roofs (+video)

    Two sets of scientists have reported promising results from a new recipe for solar cells, which could result in panels for solar power that are easier and cheaper to make.

  • How long can Russia's oil and gas wealth last?

    Russia is in the midst of its longest streak of declines in oil and gas production in years, its economy is in shambles and its leverage on the international stage is in question. Its energy-dominated economy may not sustain Russia's ambitions in Eastern Europe for much longer, Graeber writes.

  • Ukraine crisis: Can Ukraine, Russia avoid another gas shutoff? (+video)

    Ukraine violence escalated over the weekend and into Monday as pro-Russian militants clashed with Ukraine forces in the east and the Black Sea port city of Odessa. The threat of another natural gas shutoff intensified, too, with Russia and Ukraine failing to agree on terms for paying down Ukraine's gas debt.

  • Oil prices stay below $100 a barrel

    Oil prices rose 34 cents Friday after a strong jobs report, but still remain under $100 a barrel after US supplies of crude surged to a new record. In London, Brent crude oil prices closed at $108.59 a barrel.

  • Big gamble felled Energy Future Holdings. Safe bet could resuscitate it.

    Using an aggressive bet on the direction of natural gas prices, Energy Future Holdings (formerly TXU) went from big deal to bankrupt. But it still has the utility assets to emerge as a much more stable entity.

  • Ukraine crisis: Why no sanctions on Russian gas giant Gazprom?

    Western sanctions on Russia over Ukraine have so far avoided targeting Russia's state-owned natural gas company Gazprom. That's largely because Europe relies heavily on Russian natural gas imports and would suffer economically if sanctions are ratcheted up in the Ukraine crisis.

  • Scientists: 'Fracking' should be part of assessing earthquake hazards

    Researchers are now including waste-water injection – including the ‘fracking’ used in oil and gas development – to estimate earthquake hazards. The central and eastern US have seen a steep increase in earthquakes.

  • Rancho Cucamonga fire grows to 800 acres

    Rancho Cucamonga fire forced the evacuation of 1,100 homes near the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains east of Los Angeles in Southern California. Strong winds helped the Rancho Cucamonga fire spread to reach 800 acres Wednesday.

  • Oil train fire: Tankers derail, catch fire in Lynchburg, Va.

    Oil train fire started after several tanker cars carrying crude oil derailed in downtown Lynchburg, Va. The oil train fire caused the evacuation of nearby buildings but no injuries have been reported, according to Lynchburg officials.