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  • California gray wolf protections mulled amid hunts elsewhere

    California gray wolf populations haven't roamed in California for nearly a century. A commission in California postponed by three months a decision on whether to list the gray wolf as endangered so that more public comments could be heard.

  • How a California county produces more power than it uses

    A small California county has become the first in the state to produce more power from solar panels than it uses.  

  • California gray wolf decision delayed. Should it be protected? (+video)

    California gray wolf advocates will have to wait 90 days to learn if the animal will fall under legal protections. A state board voted unanimously Wednesday to delay a decision on the California gray wolf so it can gather more public comments on the issue.

  • Are fracking emissions worse than we thought?

    Methane emissions from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) could be much higher than previously estimated, according to a new study. The results are troubling because natural gas has been trumpeted for its supposed emissions benefits when compared to coal. 

  • Clean energy: Is a boom coming in 2014?

    Clean energy is off to a strong start in 2014, with global investment rising as prices for wind and solar power continue to drop. Renewables still hold a small share of total energy mixes, but clean-energy growth is picking up momentum. 

  • Has crude oil production already peaked?

    The notion that oil is becoming abundant all over again is contradicted by the levitating price, Cobb writes, and by the evidence that actual worldwide crude oil production is either flat or growing at an infinitesimal rate.

  • Pollution in Asia tied to stronger Pacific storms that pull heat toward Arctic

    The pollution comes in the form of tiny sulfate particles and black-carbon soot that result from burning coal, oil, and wood for power. The particles increase the vigor of the Pacific storms.

  • Mississippi storm overturns trailers near Gulf Coast (+video)

    Mississippi storm left about a dozen damaged or destroyed RV trailers at a campground Tuesday. The Mississippi storm blew through Santa Maria RV Park, leaving two with minor injuries. 

  • Ukraine makes inroads on energy security as Donetsk teeters (+video)

    Ukraine declared an 'anti-terrorist operation' Tuesday against pro-Russian militia in eastern Ukraine's Donetsk region. Meanwhile in the West, Kiev courted its European neighbors for alternative fuel supplies that would boost its energy security.

  • Ukraine crisis: How will energy influence May elections?

    The atmosphere in Ukraine is increasingly tense ahead of its May presidential elections, with pro-Russian militia groups continuing to occupy buildings in eastern Ukraine. The country's energy history and future will help shape Ukraine's presidential elections. 

  • Ukraine crisis belies shift to Asian energy markets

    While much of the political focus has been on energy security in Eastern Europe, Graeber writes, the economic bread crumbs point to real investment security in Asia.

  • Gas prices tick up on Ukraine unrest (+video)

    Gas prices rose less than a penny Monday, while the price of oil rose to close above $104 for only the second time since September. It's a sign the Ukraine crisis may be influencing oil prices, which will likely make for higher retail gas prices in the weeks ahead.  

  • IPCC report: How to fight global warming while saving money

    While containing global warming will require substantial investment in cleaner sources of energy, much can be accomplished through energy efficiency, a new United Nations report says. More efficient cars, buildings, and appliances will play a crucial role in curbing the effects of global warming, the report found. 

  • Nuclear energy rides the 'shake table' for earthquake safety (+video)

    US nuclear power plants are designed and built to stringent seismic standards based on the surrounding region. To test against earthquakes, nuclear companies use special 'shake tables' to simulate the powerful earthquake ground movement.

  • Costs to counter global warming 'relatively modest'

    Shift from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy would cut consumption growth by only 0.06 percentage points per year, says IPCC chairman. Nuclear power and carbon-capture plants would supplement solar and wind in fight to contain climate change.

  • How much will shift to green energy slow growth? Not much, says UN.

    Radically shifting from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy will slow consumption by 0.06 percentage points per year in this century, according to a new draft report by the United Nations.

  • Is California the next fracking frontier?

    California's Monterey Shale formation contains more shale oil than anywhere else in the country, but its geology and dry climate make it difficult to extract. Extremely dry conditions are also taking a toll on California's power plants.  

  • Iran boosts oil output despite Western sanctions

    Iran's oil production is on the rise despite Western efforts to curtail it. More Iran oil has gotten the attention of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which is charting a course for the future amid new sources of oil.

  • IMF: North American boom to keep oil prices low

    A dramatic increase in US and Canadian oil production will push oil prices down, according to the International Monetary Fund. The growth in US shale oil and Canadian oil sands is already spilling over to the global marketplace. 

  • Putin warns of gas shutoff. What are Ukraine's options? (+video)

    Russian President Vladimir Putin warned western leaders Thursday of a potential shutoff of natural gas supplies unless Ukraine pays off the billions it owes for Russian gas. There are alternatives to Russian gas, but the cutoff Putin threatens is a worst-case scenario for Ukraine and broader Europe.