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  • The value of striving for truth

    Journalism can upset and disappoint. But there's no alternative to people who dedicate themselves to seeking truth and establishing facts.

  • What defines a leader most

    From Russia to the Philippines and beyond, strong leaders have become popular. But that sort of strength can be ephemeral.

  • A powerful incentive to integrate

    Continued progress toward school desegregation works best when it is not just a social good but a practical good for students.

  • What decides a claim on land?

    As solid and grounded as the Israeli settlements on the West Bank look, Israelis have never been the land's only inhabitants.

  • A different way of doing journalism

    What the world would most miss if the Monitor were to vanish, we believe, is its completely different way of seeing the news.

  • Sagebrush renaissance

    All sides are discovering that federal lands, run well, are neither a fiefdom of Washington nor a bulwark against wrongheaded cowherds. They are the vehicle by which important but competing claims can find balance. 

  • Who is ‘us’?

    By some important measures, the boundaries around whom we accept as part of “us” are particularly rigid at the moment. 

Gallery Photos of the week 05/23

A shepherd guides his goats through one of the stops along the light rail, a new form of public transportation, on May 8, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There are two lines – the blue line goes north-south, the green line goes east-west. The mostly elevated train was constructed by the Chinese and opened in 2015.

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  • Adaptation, and loving care

    A little more care of our constantly changing planet would make adapting to those changes less difficult.

  • The power of peer to peer

    By choice or necessity, lay members of many Protestant denominations are stepping into roles traditionally reserved for clergy.

  • Learning to leave no one behind

    Long may may local color and regional diversity wave. But when it comes to education, local must never mean less than the best.

  • After populism's bold promise

    The politicians who have ridden today's wave of populist discontent to power now enter the next, more difficult chapter: governing

  • What makes humanity thrive

    As the besieged Christian communities of the Middle East shrink, the Middle East becomes the poorer.

  • Movies that mirror, and unite

    The best part of moviegoing is gasping, laughing, or choking back tears with strangers in a darkened theater.

  • Stories from the march of years

    Amid 2016's news of conflict and disruption, the steady decrease of such drags on humanity as poverty, hunger, and child mortality continues.

  • Creating a virtuous cycle

    "Creative destruction" is normal in a capitalist economy, but it is rarely easy on the individuals, families, and communities affected by it.

  • Winning the war of ideas

    Bad ideas can -- and will -- be beaten by better ideas. But the victory is rarely a quick one. Idea wars are won person by person.

  • Ancient and modern politics

    Preserving antiquities is important not just for culture and tourism. The ancient world is a reminder of the fleeting nature of human events.