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  • After populism's bold promise

    The politicians who have ridden today's wave of populist discontent to power now enter the next, more difficult chapter: governing

  • What we get when we give

    Charity is not just a way to help others. It is an outward indication of healthy, happy individuals and communities.

January 22, 2017

Photos of the weekend

Men ride their wooden sledge during a traditional Bavarian horn sledge race, known as 'Schnablerrennen,' in Gaissach, Germany, on Sunday. The race is held annually on sledges with long horn-shaped runners. Sledges were formerly used to bring hay or logs down from the mountains.

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  • Getting smarter about water

    Water management has always been important. With 2 billion more people arriving on our planet by mid-century, water management will be crucial.

  • Perspectives that bring change

    Politics has always been contentious. People differ. Beliefs differ. But the orderly process of democracy deserves support that supercedes politics.

  • Europe's great rethinking

    Whichever direction Europe now takes, a crucial achievement should not be overlooked: It is making its choice without war or repression.

  • A determination to improve

    Gang activity remains one of few areas of crime that have not fallen in recent decades. But progress is being made -- step-by-step, life-by-life.

  • A time to acknowledge our oneness

    Even in the hypercompetitive, win-at-all-costs world of congressional politics, there's a safe space where members of both parties can unite.

  • Breaking down mental walls

    Racial integration in the United States remains unfinished business -- both in society and in the hearts of many Americans.

  • An imperfect, important approach

    Many factors can be involved in suicide. Both pro- and anti-gun people increasingly understand that a firearm in a house doesn't help.

  • Arts that enrich, engage, and enhance

    Science and art are inseparable - for students and for all of us.

  • Testing the limits of compromise

    Sometimes there's no middle ground in a dispute over rights -- only a winner and a loser. That's when a higher sense of justice is needed.

  • Keeping facts in the idea zone

    In the digital age, assertions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes are easy to dream up and a snap to propagate. Facts are harder to establish. But they are what matter.


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