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  • Nuclear summit can't ignore origins of conflicts

    The nuclear security summit is a baby step toward total nonproliferation. But that worthy goal can't divert Obama's attention from the prime US role of resolving conflicts that create a desire for nukes.

  • Nuclear treaty and an overthrow in Kyrgyzstan: two sides of Russia

    Even as Obama and Medvedev signed the START nuclear weapons treaty, Vladimir Putin was supporting the new government in Kyrgyzstan, where he wants the US to give up its military base. The US should have its eyes wide open about the promise of a "reset" in relations.

  • Benefits from a marijuana tax? California is dreaming.

    A proposition to regulate and tax marijuana is on the California ballot. Its backers say it can raise up to $1.4 billion in revenue and help reduce the state's huge deficit. But the tax makes no economic sense.

  • A court wisely rules on Net neutrality, FCC, Comcast

    A court ruling against the FCC on Net neutrality brings up issues about the federal role in expanding access to broadband Internet. First rule: Do no harm, as the Web ever changes.

  • START treaty on nuclear weapons -- a first step to reset US-Russia relations

    Not long ago, relations between the US and Russia were quite frosty. New Presidents Obama and Medvedev are set to sign the START pact limiting nuclear weapons. Will the treaty lead to closer cooperation on Iran, Afghanistan, and arms control?

  • Afghanistan war: It can't tick by the American clock

    Obama needs more patience in the Afghanistan war, especially in helping Karzai cope with the Taliban

  • Weird science: Consider geoengineering to fight global warming

    Geoengineering -- intentionally altering Earth's climate to fight global warming -- may be risky science but it must be researched. The watchwords should be caution, openness, international cooperation, and humility.

  • Obama and offshore drilling: a crude move

    President Obama tried to make a skillful political decision by permitting some offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. But he's obscured a more important message: The US must leave oil behind.

  • National education standards not a federal takeover of public schools

    A big concern about proposed national education standards for grades K-12 is that they amount to a federal takeover of public schools. Not true. This plan originated from the states, is voluntary, and is backed by 48 governors.

  • Moscow subway bombings: What now?

    How Russia responds to the Moscow subway bombing terrorist attacks will say much about the direction of Russia itself -- and the power-sharing relationship between Putin and Medvedev.

  • Obama toughens up

    In one month, Obama toughened up on health care, arms control, Israeli settlements, and President Karzai in Afghanistan. This stiffer resolve shows a maturing presidency. But Obama must still balance deliberation with decisiveness.

  • Earth Hour? How about endangered species hour?

    Just as Earth Hour can pressure governments on global warming, so can consumers push politicians to protect endangered species such as bluefin tuna, several kinds of sharks, and corals -- all of which were abandoned at a UN wildlife conference.

  • Google out of China: Doing no evil

    Google tried for years to cooperate with censorship in China. But in the end, cofounder Sergey Brin's boyhood experience under totalitarianism demanded a different decision.

  • Greece debt crisis: Can it unite Europe?

    Europeans are discussing creating a European monetary fund -- their own version of the IMF -- to handle problems like the Greece debt crisis. Agreeing on this idea would test even those most dedicated to European unity.

  • Google and China: What Obama can learn

    By opposing Internet censorship, Google has now stood up to China on a basic freedom. Obama must do the same and tag China as a currency manipulator.

  • Health care reform law is only half a loaf

    Democrats have now cemented the idea of expanded health care insurance coverage in US politics. The GOP erred on that point. But both parties must now get medical-cost containment done right.

  • Favorable CBO score on healthcare cost: not the final word

    The CBO score on the healthcare cost of the Democrats' plan may help it become law. But it is not the final word on costs. There's politics to account for.

  • Sandra Bullock and the blind side of NCAA March Madness

    A movie like "The Blind Side," with Sandra Bullock and depicting a real scholar-athlete, has a lesson for the NCAA in this March Madness: Get the graduation rates up for players, especially blacks. Otherwise, Uncle Sam may be on your case.

  • Obama's (now delayed) trip to Indonesia: Can he make it an ally?

    The Obama trip to Indonesia can build a bridge to the world's largest Muslim country, countering Al Qaeda-tied militants in Southeast Asia. It can also counter China's expansion in the region.

  • Israel crisis: US must keep up the pressure

    Obama must persuade Israel that peace with the Palestinians is a 'vital' interest, and not merely a common one.