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  • What did I forget to pack?

    A Christian Science perspective: Extreme weather or missed connections can sometimes result in disappointing vacations. Here are some insights on how to keep vacation time happy and fulfilling.

  • Negative campaigns and what we can do about them

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • Summer camp life lessons

    A Christian Science perspective: The qualities instilled in a young girl at summer camp became useful years later at a tough time when she was a mom with three kids.

  • The way Life is

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • How can 'now' be eternal?

  • Beyond belief

    A Christian Science perspective: Spiritual reality is widely discussed, but words often fail to capture its meaning. Here’a a fresh look.

  • Having it all?

    A Christian Science perspective: Anne-Marie Slaughter's recent article in The Atlantic magazine revisits the challenges women face when trying to achieve a work-family balance. Here are some ideas about what a spiritual perspective on the issue can offer.

  • How big is your infinite?

    A Christian Science perspective: Recent news of the possibility of scientists' discovery of the subatomic particle Higgs boson, also known as the 'God particle,' evokes fresh thought about what makes up our world.

  • The promised land that is yours

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • Garden prayers

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • The road to freedom

    A Christian Science perspective: For many people in the United States, the Fourth of July inspires celebrating freedom. The quest for freedom, regardless of one's national origin, runs deep in the human heart.

  • Love stops crime

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • A heart in protest

    A Christian Science perspective: Nightly protests in Montreal, calling for greater economic and social justice, moved this resident to find a deeper source for justice.

  • A haven during the Colorado wildfires

    A Christian Science perspective: Colorado wildfires have caused tens of thousands to evacuate their homes. How can safety and comfort  be found?

  • Refuse to be a prisoner

    A Christian Science perspective: Despite oppressing circumstances, we can each find inner freedom, as displayed by Aung San Suu Kyi when she was under house arrest in Myanmar (Burma).

  • Resolving conflict between Turkey and Syria

  • Who's at the head of your table?

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • Time to get a life?

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • Prayer on the road

    A Christian Science perspective.

  • God promotes

    A Christian Science perspective: Low performance on standardized tests sometimes means a child must repeat a grade. How can children and parents deal with the disappointment that results, especially if they feel the tests are unfair?

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