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  • The Monitor's View An Internet army of truth-tellers

    Despite Russia's attempts to control the Internet and manipulate opinion, especially over events in Ukraine, the truth seeps out. Social-media activists help ensure the free flow of ideas and facts.

  • How I fought the American addiction to 'more stuff'

    I’ve been observing Lent by getting rid of at least one household possession each day in the run up to Easter. I've found that simplifying your life is harder than it looks. Consumer culture enriches our standard of living, yet complicates it, too.

  • The Monitor's View How to defang Russia, China

    In Obama's coming visit to Japan, and Biden's to Ukraine, the US can counter the territorial aggression of Russia and China by affirming the power of alliances based on universal ideals.

  • Global Viewpoint Nadine Gordimer: The disillusion and corruption of post-Mandela South Africa

    In this interview, South African writer Nadine Gordimer speaks about the disillusionment of post-Mandela South Africa, her distrust of the digital era, and her decision to retire from writing fiction.

  • The Monitor's View Why Ukraine forces must act differently

    The start of operations against protesters in eastern Ukraine will be a test of the country's new commitment to democratic rights, such as peaceful assembly. Soldiers must now show restraint against unarmed demonstrators, less so against armed ones. This will influence Russia's actions.

  • Readers Write: Facing up to population growth; Thanks, America, for great TV dramas

    Letters to the Editor for the April 14, 2014 weekly magazine edition of the Monitor:Must a sustainable economy depend on infinite expansion and mass extinction? I would like to believe there is a solution to both the survival of humanity and the natural world.Not all the good TV shows originate on 'the other side of the pond.' In fact, those of us in England are counting on the US to keep producing good TV drama.

  • What I learned as a liberal talking head on Fox News (+video)

    For a radical progressive who once harbored negative stereotypes about folks on the right, it was a turning point for me: Though Sean Hannity or Sarah Palin and I disagree profoundly on politics – they're personable, kind, and human. If you want to persuade people, you can’t demonize them.

  • The Monitor's View How to prevent a Boston-type bombing

    On the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, one focus should be on how Muslims can prevent fellow believers from drifting toward radical ideology. What if the Tsarnaev brothers had been given such help?

  • The Monitor's View Be glad for Greeks bearing gifts

    Greece's welcome return to financial markets after years of austerity shows Europe's economy is on the mend. Belt-tightening in the most-troubled euro nations is leading to growth.

  • The Monitor's View A year later, lessons from the Boston Marathon bombings

    Long after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, the city felt a surprising social cohesion, the kind that helps bring hope and healing. Many cities try to boost 'social resilience' to act as a community shock absorber and as a building stone after a tragedy.

  • Global Viewpoint Ban Ki-moon: After Rwanda, world says 'never again' but still fails to act

    The genocide in Rwanda was an emblematic failure of the international community. The world has since made important strides in acting on those lessons, but this work still faces setbacks. The international community cannot claim to care about atrocity crimes and then shrink from the commitment required to prevent them ­­– whether in the Central African Republic or Syria.

  • The Monitor's View In a year of many elections, Muslim ones stand out

    Elections in Indonesia, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Tunisia could further redefine Islam's role in Muslim countries still learning the ways of democracy.

  • Opinion A dangerous new era: US must take lead in cybersecurity

    Growing cyber threats demand leadership that can only come from the US. Europe and the world must move beyond qualms about NSA spying and accept a US leadership role on global cybersecurity. The US must work to rebuild trust to ensure the Internet is kept open and safe.

  • The Monitor's View Tallying up social progress

    Trying to measure social progress with a global index that compares countries can be as fraught as the reliance on GDP statistics. Yet it points to new ways to view progress.

  • Opinion Why are colleges discriminating against women?

    Girls outshine boys in most aspects of college. And men have not historically suffered discrimination as a group. Yet colleges routinely reject talented young women in favor of less qualified young men. Instead of rewarding girls for success, they discriminate against them.

  • The Monitor's View Stepping up the innovation ladder

    Protests in Taiwan against a trade pact with China illustrate the difficulties that countries can have in staying innovative enough to compete with low-wage nations. Innovation often requires a culture shift.

  • Opinion Rwanda 20 years later: A model for progress and reconciliation

    The progress Rwanda has achieved since its genocide may be the most significant example of human development of the past 20 years. Its governance should not be the subject of criticism, but should stand as a model for other nations seeking reconciliation.

  • Readers Write: Where are the American prodigies?

    Letters to the Editor for the April 7, 2014 weekly magazine:If it weren't for immigrants America would be in sad shape. Too many 'natives' are more interested in texting, celebrities, sports heroes, fighting over abortion and contraceptive rights, and denying global warming and evolution than promoting and improving education.Many US colleges are funded by American taxpayers, and their first responsibility is to educate, inspire, and create opportunity for American youth. Should we be focusing on finding foreign talent, rather than recruiting and developing the talent of our own youth?

  • The Monitor's View India election: a pivot to Hindu nationalism?

    The India election that begins this week could catapult a Hindu nationalist, Narendra Modi, to power. How he defines the national interest will determine India's place in the world as a peaceful player.

  • The Monitor's View What to celebrate in Rwanda's genocide anniversary

    The 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide should focus as much on how the African nation worked toward reconciliation through forgiveness as on the mass slaughter itself.

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