Kardashian debit card? Even Kardashians panned it.

Kardashian debit card, criticized for high fees, was terminated after less than a month in operation.


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    Actress Kim Kardashian arrives at the Teen Choice 2010 Awards in Los Angeles in this Aug. 8 file photo. The Kardashian sisters, through a lawyer, pulled their names from their Kardashian debit card, which was criticized for its high fees. On Monday, the issuing bank pulled the plug on Kardashian Kard after less than a month.
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Prepaid debit cards are not the best of deals. They come with lots of fees without all the protections of a credit card.

But even by those standards, the Kardashian debit card stood out for its high fees: a $9.95 activation fee and charges of $7.95 per month, with a $1.50 fee to call customer support and a $6.00 fee to shut down the card.

Which is why reality quickly caught up with the E! reality-show sisters. Criticized by personal-finance guru Suze Orman and on the verge of an investigation by Connecticut's attorney general, the Kardshians through a lawyer said Monday they no longer wanted their names associated with the card.

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Later in the day, University National Bank and its partner, The Revenue Resource Group LLC, pulled the plug on the venture. Launched Nov. 9, the Kardashian Kard didn't last a month.

Existing cards will be active for 30 days and then receive refunds of any balances and any pre-paid fees, University National Bank said in a statement.

So how many people actually ponied up for the celebrity card? All of 250, according to the bank.

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