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The Simple Dollar

Online job postings and more: How the Internet can make and save you money

Online job postings put Craigslist on the map, but it's also a great way to sell items or to find a new housemate (question 1 from the Reader Mailbag). Want to make money off the Internet? Blog (question 8). Want to save money on cable? Download movies on Netflix (question 9).

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Q9: Giving up cable for Netflix
I read in your post that you are giving up cable in favor of netflix. We are considering doing that, but I have a couple of questions. There are a few TV shows that we love and follow. Mostly Supernatural on CW and Haven and Warehouse 13 on SyFy. I’m not sure how we could follow those shows without cable. Right now we DVR them and watch them on the weekends. Any suggestion for that?
- Christina

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Is your ability to watch those few programs worth your cable bill? I can’t answer that question for you.

What I can say is this: you’re effectively paying to watch them now. If you join a service like Netflix, such shows will eventually be available on DVD, allowing you to watch them in that form a year or so after their air date.

It’s because of Netflix that my wife and I are finally watching Battlestar Galactica all the way through. Sure, it’s not fresh and hot, but it’s just as entertaining as it would have been a few years ago.

Q10: Dealing with bad credit
Back in 2006, i opened a wellsfargo gold card and in sept 2007 i got offered to upgrade to a platinum card. I took the offer of course and end up having a $4 balance on the gold card that i was never aware of. Found out about it almost a whooole year later. Paid it off but now it is showing a charged off. I think it is hurting my credit score so what can i do about this?

*note: Sam actually attached his credit report to this email, and I’m not including it to protect his privacy.*

I attached the overview just so you can look at it and see maybe it’s not the card but the Debt to credit ratio instead?? I’m not sure and that is why i’m asking for you help.
- Sam

First of all, never send deeply personal information to someone you don’t personally know. I wouldn’t send anything like this electronically, period, unless it was encrypted. Sam did edit some key pieces out of his credit report, but there was potentially enough info there for me to dig into his identity if I so chose.

Now, as for his question. Your routes out of this are to either wait on the card to fall off of your credit report, which should happen in about four years. Alternately, you can contact Wells Fargo and/or the credit reporting agencies and request that the item be removed from your credit report, which they most likely won’t do.

Your best time to get this removed has already passed, which was the moment when you first discovered and tried to resolve the problem. Now that you’re considered fulfilled in Wells Fargo’s eyes, there’s not much incentive for them to issue such a change on your behalf (this is true of any business).

Got any questions? Email them to me or leave them in the comments and I’ll attempt to answer them in a future mailbag. However, I do receive hundreds of questions per week, so I may not necessarily be able to answer yours.

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