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  • A $4 million Super Bowl ad’s greatest enemy? Snacks (+video)

    Super Bowl commercials are hot properties, but eating and watching sports – the two main Super Bowl activities – can reduce viewers' susceptibility to advertising, according to studies. So are companies shelling out millions for Super Bowl airtime really getting their money's worth? 

  • McDonald's new leadership searches for menu hits

    The McDonald's menu under departed CEO Don Thompson became too big – complicated and full of expensive duds. The company's new leadership should focus on a streamlined McDonald's menu with a few core products that can make some news but not overly complicate operations.

  • With CEO out, does McDonald's have any answers? (+video)

    McDonald's CEO Don Thompson is stepping down, to be replaced by McDonald's UK head Steve Easterbrook. Can McDonald's turn around its lagging sales and lure back customers in the near term?

  • Ten ways to support the next generation of farmers

    A new wave of food pioneers, mostly from non-farming backgrounds, is turning to careers in agriculture. But farming is a career path filled with obstacles, and today's young farmers need our support. 

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  • Britain in crisis as Cadbury changes Creme Egg recipe (+video)

    Cadbury's iconic Creme Eggs are no longer made with the company's Dairy Milk chocolate, admitted the US owner of the popular British confectioner.

  • Inside the (possibly) $1 billion Shake Shack IPO

    Shake Shack is aiming for a $1 billion valuation for its IPO, which the burger restaurant filed last week. Here's a look at what the Shake Shack IPO offers potential investors. 

  • The best and worst burgers of 2014

    2014 has been a great year for burger lovers, and 2015 promises to be even better. Here are some of the past year’s high- and low-lights in the burger world. 

  • Why gender inequality and food security go hand-in-hand

    Addressing gender inequality in farming sector of developing countries could increase global food security, Paul writes. Women are more likely to adopt new techniques in farming practices to enhance household nutrition.

  • Reindeer herders of northern Europe confront climate change

    The Sámi people make their living on reindeer herding and fishing in northern Europe. Unfortunately, the environment that the Sámi depend on, and thus the Sámi culture, is being threatened by climate change and land rights issues. But they've had some success fighting back. 

  • Panera's new animal welfare goals reduce confinement, antibiotics

    Panera Bread will reduce use of antibiotics and confinement for farm animals in its United States supply chain for Panera Bread and St. Louis Bread Company bakery-cafes, according to its new animal welfare standards. 

  • Why McDonald's in Japan is only serving small fries

    A labor dispute at U.S. West Coast ports has doubled the amount of time it takes for french fries and other goods to reach Japan. The result is a french fries shortage in Japan. 

  • Crop diversity and the future of food

    Genetic preservationists are vital to the sustainability of our future food production, Metcalfe writes. With predictions that the demand for food will increase by 60 percent during the next three decades, the need for conserving diversity in both crops and animals is critical. 

  • Eighteen books to give food lovers

    These books help eaters find the most nutritious and delicious produce at the supermarket, provide recipes that are good for teen chefs, educate readers about the importance of saving indigenous seeds, and provide home cooks the inspiration they need to start canning and preserving. 

  • Cheerios with quinoa coming in January. Can it save cereal?

    General Mills will start selling 'Cheerios + Ancient Grains' a new variety containing small amounts of quinoa, Kamut wheat, and spelt. The new Cheerios cereal comes as the popularity of grains like quinoa are on the rise. Cereal? Not so much.