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  • Five burger trends to watch in 2015

    Because of higher beef prices, cheeseburgers will be more popular and burger bars will want customers to taste quality. But look out for veggie burgers as more diners will be willing to go meatless.

  • As workers strike again, the 'Fight for $15' expands its political horizons (+video)

    Fast-food and other low-wage workers walked off the job once again Thursday in support of a $15 per hour minimum wage and access to union rights. Now in its third year, the "fight for $15" has expanded to include more sectors of the industry and more causes, with protests in Ferguson, Mo., and on the steps of the US Supreme Court. 

  • Fifteen burger concepts to watch out for in 2015

    Burger-menu restaurants continue to be created and once established continue to multiply. Below, we've listed 15 growing brands to watch out for next year. These concepts exemplify the diversity in style that keeps the burger category of the restaurant business innovative and robust.

  • Cranberries: How do they really grow?

    Cranberries are one of America's only native fruits still farmed today. But because of the way cranberries are generally eaten, many Americans have no idea how they grow.

  • Crop diversity and the future of food

    Genetic preservationists are vital to the sustainability of our future food production, Metcalfe writes. With predictions that the demand for food will increase by 60 percent during the next three decades, the need for conserving diversity in both crops and animals is critical. 

  • Eighteen books to give food lovers

    These books help eaters find the most nutritious and delicious produce at the supermarket, provide recipes that are good for teen chefs, educate readers about the importance of saving indigenous seeds, and provide home cooks the inspiration they need to start canning and preserving. 

  • Cheerios with quinoa coming in January. Can it save cereal?

    General Mills will start selling 'Cheerios + Ancient Grains' a new variety containing small amounts of quinoa, Kamut wheat, and spelt. The new Cheerios cereal comes as the popularity of grains like quinoa are on the rise. Cereal? Not so much. 

  • McDonald's tries out customizable burger menus as sales slide

    McDonald’s is extending its 'Create Your Taste' customization option to chicken as well as beef as it broadens testing to 30 stores in five states. McDonald’s says the US test, now in an handful of California stores, will be taken to stores in Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 

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    Cranberries: How do they really grow?

    Cranberries are one of America's only native fruits still farmed today. But because of the way cranberries are generally eaten, many Americans have no idea how they grow.

  • Tired of traditional Thanksgiving? Consider the turkey burger.

    Thanksgiving week is turkey burgers’ equivalent of birthdays: It’s when they get to be the center of attention and appreciated for a few days before they go back to being ignored. Read on for four turkey burgers worth checking out at restaurants around the country. 

  • McDonald's pledges to simplify, localize, and customize

    After its dire third quarter sales report, McDonald's is embarking on a new initiative to customize and provide more choices to its consumers. The 'Create Your Taste' customization kiosks testing is taking place in Australia and will be in three US markets by the end of next year. 

  • Why a looming world chocolate shortage might be a good thing

    A global chocolate shortage (and higher prices) looms, according to a Swiss chocolate producer. Why a shortfall in cacao might not be such a bad thing. 

  • Veterans Day: 21 programs helping vets through farming

    This Veteran’s Day, Food Tank brings you 21 organizations from around the world that are working to help veterans heal their wounds through farming and agriculture. 

  • Why Baskin Robbins' newest flavor is hard to spot

    To honor veterans, Baskin-Robbins is offering a new flavor: Camouflage ice cream. On Nov. 11, the company will donate 10 cents to the USO for every cone sold.

  • 'Organic' fish labeling? Why it's a bad idea.

    The US government is poised to release regulations that allow fish farmed in the open ocean to be labeled 'organic.' But farming fish at sea can never meet the high bar of integrity that is integral to all organic systems of production.

  • The true cost of cheap coffee

    Mass-produced coffee contain hidden social and environmental costs that aren't passed along to the consumer.

  • What will it take to feed the world in 2050?

    Solutions to the world's food insecurity  lie not in the rush to increase industrial food production but in supporting sustainable and productive farming practices among small-scale farmers – particularly women – in developing countries while halting the diversion of food to biofuels and reducing food waste. 

  • Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte: because coffee is dessert now

    Starbucks will release its Chestnut Praline Latte for the holidays nationwide this year. The Chestnut Praline Latte will join the Gingerbread Latte and Peppermint Mocha in Starbucks' ever-growing lineup of sweet holiday drinks.