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  • How Michigan blocked a $1 billion tax windfall for corporations

    Michigan lawmakers were fired up following an unfavorable state Supreme Court decision in a lawsuit brought by IBM. With astounding speed and overwhelming bipartisan support the legislature swooped in and passed a law blocking an unexpected $1 billion in corporate tax refunds. 

  • Treasury's new rules won't stop corporate inversions

    The Treasury's new rules won't stop the wave of corporate tax inversions – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew acknowledged as much when the agency proposed the curbs yesterday. Will they slow the practice? Perhaps, but even that is not certain.

  • Treasury cracks down on tax inversions. Is it allowed to do that? (+video)

    The Treasury Department is moving to close loopholes that allow US companies, like Burger King, to move corporate headquarters overseas for a lower tax bill. But the debate continues over whether Treasury even has the power to limit the practice.

  • Does income inequality (really) hurt state tax revenues? (+video)

    Standard and Poor's got a lot of attention last week for a study that concluded that rising income inequality is damaging state tax revenues. State tax revenue growth has slowed in recent decades and income inequality has grown, but the story is far more complicated than S&P suggests. 

  • Could income tax changes hurt the economy?

    Policy makers and researchers have long been interested in how potential changes to the personal income tax system affect the size of the overall economy. A new paper examines the possibilities. 

October 23, 2014

Photos of the day 10/22

Muhammed Ariful Islam, 22, a Dhaka painter who was held captive on a human trafficking ship before being abandoned on a remote island, cries at a government shelter in Takua Pa district of Phang Nga, Thailand.

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