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  • Trump's tax plan gets fuzzier and fuzzier

    Back in the day, when Soviet-era Russian apparatchiks fell out of favor, they’d become non-persons and even be removed from old group photos. That’s what’s happened to Donald Trump’s tax plan from last September.

  • Giving Olympians a special tax break wins the gold medal of bad ideas

    Despite what Congress wants you to believe, a bill making Olympic medals and cash awards tax free would do almost nothing to help truly struggling athletes.

  • Making America's debt great again

    Donald Trump's tax reform plan would drain government coffers of revenues. Coupled with his promise to avoid cuts to Social Security and Medicare – two big parts of the budget – it would boost public debt to all-time record levels.

  • What Clinton’s 2015 income tax return tells us

    The Clintons are rich, pay a lot of taxes, and are more generous than average for people in their bracket. 

  • Mike Pence is an experienced tax cutter

    In just three years as governor, Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence successfully pushed proposals to cut income taxes, corporate taxes, personal property taxes, and completely eliminate the state’s inheritance tax.

  • Federal taxes are very progressive

    The Tax Policy Center projects that effective federal tax rates this year will range from 3.5 percent for households in the lowest-income quintile (or fifth) to 33 percent for those in the top 1 percent.

  • Trump's child care tax break won't help most families

    Donald Trumphas proposed allowing all families to deduct average childcare costs on their income tax returns. The details are muddy, but subsidies aren’t generally the best way to help low-income households pay for childcare.  

August 25, 2016

Photos of the Day 8/25

A recovered hedgehog is held in gloved hands before its release near Kecskemet, Hungary, on Wednesday. Some forty previously injured and rehabilitated animals belonging to the protected species were released into the wild as a result of the joint efforts of the Kecskemet Zoo and Kiskunsag National Park.

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