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  • Is the budget deficit even a problem?

    Do deficits matter? It is an age-old question that’s going to get renewed attention in a Congress where Republicans have made no secret of their desire to cut government spending. Two tax experts take up the deficit debate. 

  • New Congress, new tax rules, old obstacles

     On the first day of the new Congress, new and old tax laws are being calculated, implemented, and executed. Tax prep firms are ready and waiting to help tax filers while repealing the medical tax device remains on the agenda. 

  • Why the Trans-Pacific partnership agreement is a pending disaster

    Trans-Pacific partnership, or TPP, would be the largest trade deal in history representing several countries. But the TPP is not a good deal for most of us or, even for the inhabitants of developing nations. 

  • The 10 worst tax ideas for 2014

    The past 12 months were a banner year for bad ideas and their perpetrators. We've picked out the worst top 10 ideas and hope history won't repeat itself for 2015. 

  • Max Scherzer: Did tax breaks seal the deal for Nationals ace?

    Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer will avoid state income taxes on most game paychecks – tax savings that could amount to millions of dollars. How much do tax considerations affect where coveted sports free agents like Scherzer decide to play? 

  • Obama would improve tax subsidies for higher education

    Obama's ideas for educational tax reform are controversial, but they’d do a better job helping households who most need education assistance than the current complex array of programs.

  • How Obama would cut childcare costs

    President Obama has proposed important changes for child care costs that could allow families of young children to save thousands. But some families, especially those with just one older child, could wind up paying more. 

  • Retirement security a priority for the Obama administration in 2015

    President Obama proposed that his administration would make retirement security a priority that would increase the ability of part-time workers to join their employer’s plan and improve tax incentives for businesses. 

  • Fixing the President's 'angel of death' capital gains tax

    President Obama's tax on capital gains at death makes enormous sense. But the problem is with the record-keeping involved. Having to keep track of every asset purchase ever made would be extremely difficult. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. 

  • The tax reform gap between Obama and the GOP is widening

    President Obama laid out his vision for the tax code. He's using a 'middle-class economics' agenda aimed at raising taxes on capital gains on high-income groups and redistribute the money from rich to working-class households. While, Republicans want to cut tax rates mostly. Will there be a middle ground? 

  • Obama wants to tax the rich. It's a plan abroad, too.

     President Obama called on Congress last night to address wealth inequality through the tax code. But taxing the rich isn't just an American thing; Russia, Great Britain, and Brazil have  rules or proposals in motion to put the tax code to work agains income inequality. 

January 31, 2015

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Children run from a turkey that guards a collection of vintage cars in the al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria.

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