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  • Upfront Blog Building for a better world

    Hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers were 'makers' long before the term was coined. What's new today is the combination of networking, open-source knowledge transfer, crowdfunding, and relatively cheap machines such as 3-D printers.

  • Upfront Blog Progress pauses, but never stops

    Whether you consider progress real or wishful thinking depends on how you measure it, not just short term versus long term but ideas versus appearances.

  • Upfront Blog Learning compassion from combat

    Wars end. Nations move on. But for those who fought, the memories of combat -- of pain, loss, and desperate choices -- don't easily fade, which is why compassionate, effective ways of coping with war's aftermath are so important.

  • Upfront Blog Rethinking the old '9 to 5'

    Sometimes by choice, sometimes involuntarily, the US labor force is shifting from a one-size-fits-all work week to more flexible arrangements. Not everybody can swing it, but those who can often discover that there's more to life than labor.

  • Upfront Blog Is college worth what it costs?

    Deciding on a college, getting into it, and paying for it is a huge decision for most high school graduates and their families. Is all of the drama, sacrifice, and debt worth it?

  • Upfront Blog Keeping new empires at bay

    One hundred years ago, the age of empire came crashing down. Seventy-five years ago, the age of ideology sparked the cataclysm of World War II. Today's world has its challenges, but the balance still tips in favor of freedom.

  • Upfront Blog Good government: the happiness factor

    Over the centuries governments have been feared, revered, and made the butt of jokes. The best governments do one thing right: they add to the balance of human happiness.

  • Upfront Blog Europe's brush with its past

    However the crisis in Ukraine plays out, it has had a profound affect on the thinking of European leaders. Overnight, a continent that seemed to be on a holiday from history has had to grapple with the question of what it stands for.

  • Upfront Blog Partners in war, and in ending it

    The inclusion of women in front-line combat operations is a belated recognition of their already-substantial role in the US military. 

  • Upfront Blog Teaching that's tailored to learners

    A classroom revolution is under way that harnesses technology to allow students to learn at the pace best suited to them -- and changes the role of teacher from "sage on the stage" to mentor and coach.

  • Upfront Blog Better together? A new generation try

    Sharing a dwelling has never been easy. But the idea has always been appealing. Now a combination of economics, technology, and new attitudes about owning is spurring the co-housing movement.

  • Upfront Blog The news bubble around Vladimir Putin

    What we tell others can end up convincing us as well. The Russian leader has created a modern, Russia-centric news machine that puts forth his view of the world. Is he deceiving himself?

  • Upfront Blog What our freedom demands

    In the fight against heroin and other addictive substances, the slippery slope of self-gratification is too often overlooked and the need for self-control too often minimized.

  • Upfront Blog The never-ending energy transition

    Everything goes in the world of energy.  We’re splitting atoms, wood, and hydrocarbons; tapping the heat of the planet and harnessing its wind and waves. We're harvesting sunshine, squeezing fuel out of corn and sugar cane, and fracturing shale. No one technology looks like it will carry the day.

  • Upfront Blog An appetite larger than Earth

    For most of history, humans struggled to survive in the natural world. Today, the very success of the human race has put nature under severe stress. Now it is up to humans to help.

  • Upfront Blog Toward a global collaboration

    The Internet is more than cat videos. It was born with the promise of making us all smarter by connecting smart people everywhere. Guess what? It is actually doing that. Look at the case of prodigies discovered in the far corners of the globe.

  • Upfront Blog People constantly adapt. So do their beliefs.

    Like Christians, Italians, Ohioians, and any other group of Americans, Muslims in America vary dramatically in how they apply what they believe to their lives. 

  • Upfront Blog We're learning smarter ways to help

    In a disaster, humans rush to help. May they ever do so. But when rescue turns to recovery turns to rebuilding, there are smarter ways to offer a hand up without making it a hand out.

  • Upfront Blog Sochi Olympics: What true heroism means

    While it's fun to marvel at the physical and mental excellence on display in the Olympics, it is important to remember that democracy and freedom require not just a few heroes, stars, and celebrities but the committed participation of everyone.

  • Upfront Blog The presidency: A job shapes a jobholder

    In the sixth year of his presidency, Barack Obama's 'hope and change' slogan is a fading memory. His best option now may be to keep calm and carry on.